• Interview with Marcy Playground's John Wozniak

    8 Aug 2010, 15:13 by Songfacts

    Marcy Playground's lead singer and songwriter John Wozniak is the product of an alternative school where there are no grades and you call the teachers by their first names. That, and lots of Dungeons & Dragons, molded the man who brought us the Disco Lemonade of Sex and Candy.

    John is the most laid-back performer we've ever laid eyes on; strange when you consider those crazy videos where the Mad Hatter would blend right in. On the surface at least, John appears carefree; content just watching the stars cross the sky. After a superior concert before an enthusiastic crowd, he casually saunters stage right, shakes hands with fans lined up to meet him, and thanks each individually. The only sign that belies his relaxed attitude is the chain smoking binge backstage; the one nervous habit brought forth upon the strands of John's own dubious history, which includes a critical bout with depression.

    It is a tale that would leave even the dormouse scrambling back up through the rabbit hole…