• John Vanderslice - Romanian Names

    14 Jul 2009, 14:22 by mattpate

    Originally written: June 23, 2009

    John Vanderslice’s 2007 album, Emerald City, was one of the best of his career. Would it be wrong to expect more of the same two years later? Apparently so. Though Vanderslice uses much of the same structures and styles in Romanian Names as he has in the past, something gets lost in the wash.

    Tremble and Tear,” would be a great opener for another album, vocally and compositionally speaking. The lyrics for this and the following songs follow the same sort of organization as the past. Consistency has never truly killed a band or a musician. People generally continue to like what they’ve liked in the past. Vanderslice’s fans are no exception; they possible create the modern rule.

    Ignoring “Fetal Horses,” as it is so easy to do and only saved by its lyrics, “C & O Canal” uses similar “horse trotting tones as in Psapp’s “Tricycle.” This adds to the satisfaction gained from the song. “Too Much Time” holds back from the more upbeat, songs of the album. …
  • Mixtape

    6 Jun 2009, 17:38 by extrarobots

    Get it here!

    Here's about an hour's worth of music that I've been listening to lately. Open the folder up and swap these tracks around to the order I've listed below to get the real mixtape effect.

    Side A

    1) Berlin, Alaska In Winter: While I was in Sweden, I learned that this band had put out another album. I couldn't get it there, even through legal means there was some absurd international licensing thing that kept me from getting it. One of my friends sent it to me though, and it was one of only a couple of albums I had to listen to for a while. I really like this song, and I hope Alaska in Winter continues to get punchier and punchier and gets away from some of the slow and lazy stuff they do once and a while. Starting you off with some hipster autotuned indie dance music probably doesn't make a good impression on my tastes, but I think you'll like this song, especially after the beat builds and starts opening up around 1:40.