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  • barcisz

    February 2014
  • Deceneace

    let me join the pointless discussion: he's very skilled bassist, no doubts about that, but he's everything but under-rated. He's probably only bassist known by name in general public because of his skills and not simply playing in very popular band.

    March 2013
  • Umup0

    I see we have a Myung expert in our vicinity... v

    June 2011
  • dalviodias

    Myung just write the bass lines after the other guys write the whole structure.

    November 2010
  • 71vermont


    September 2010
  • 71vermont

    amazing....AMAZING !!

    September 2010
  • RomaLover

    " he didnt wrote the songs u idiot. he just wrote the lyrics. " Most DT songs are credited to all four of them (everyone except LaBrie, that is). According to Rudess they usually arise out of improvised jam sessions, so technically Myung is as responsible for the writing as anyone. And the songs Myung also wrote the lyrics for (as thunder2221 states) are arguably the very best of DT.

    September 2010
  • PoisonOath

    Amazing and way under-rated bassist. Myung, Dan Briggs and Alex Webster are probably the best bassist we have today and my biggest influences on music. If you like this guy check out some of my works, James McCallum , although these are just freestyle bass track layered over top of each other for fun. still looking for the right band, if you wanna hear me playing all intruments myself please check them out here.

    June 2010
  • thunder2221

    He does write songs for Dream Theater, just not often. He wrote Learning to Live, Trial of Tears, Lifting Shadows off A Dream & Fatal Tragedy! All of them classic DT.

    May 2010
  • niQboy

    "He's terribly ugly" I don't see how that's relevant to anything, but yeah, he's a good bass player indeed. And no, I personally don't find him ugly.

    April 2010
  • Solovarium

    One of the best in the world

    March 2010
  • MaximilianDream

    I see you soon in Argentina. Cordial greetings.

    February 2010
  • BCDkey

    Good bass-guitar player

    February 2010
  • Gringuish

    awesome human being, awesome music mesiah :)

    February 2010
  • MrChimney

    Merry birthdate, John!

    January 2010
  • PhilandMaths

    my favorite :)

    December 2009
  • Sal-ival

    best main pic!

    October 2009
  • Marco_Cult

    He's terribly ugly. But he's a good bass player.

    August 2009
  • CDB623

    warms up before every show, and warms down after every show!

    August 2009
  • OveRRaTeDx

    My inspiration ^^

    June 2009
  • MortalSoul

    Can anyone send me the song? I can't find it anywhere.

    April 2009
  • Ben_Woods

    One of the best musicians I've ever been luckily enough to hear, his work amazes me. The sheer understanding for his instrument alone deserves the greatest respect. Incredible.

    March 2009
  • MrChimney

    Merry birthdate to John, at the grand age of 42, everyone! \o/

    January 2009
  • Aazgash

    Instead of motivation, I think he has an addiction to his instrument... :)

    November 2008
  • masterdefacer

    john myung the king the fucker of 6 string bass the progressive bass god

    October 2008
  • Satsuki-Kun


    October 2008
  • erickS22

    awesome bass player

    October 2008
  • kimrazs

    john myung, justin chancellor, john paul jones, cliff burton, steve harris. wow, bass players are awesome.

    September 2008
  • AdrianDV

    Some random chinese guy. JUST KIDDING, HE IS A GOD.

    February 2008
  • Peacesells13

    Myung is god. Simple.

    September 2007

    I'm more of a freeport jam man myself

    July 2006
  • CerealBoy

    One of my all-time favourite bassists... You must listen to his work!!

    May 2006
  • brenoajs

    bass solo rules

    May 2006
  • pyrostasis

    solar groove rules

    March 2006