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  • Avatar for Emmelsbuell
    never heard before, but now found to be good
  • Avatar for H-Barbosa
    Digamos que a Sinéad O'Connor foi a madrinha da carreira solo dele. ♥
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    Oh I love him toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  • Avatar for cadavreflex
    I shall see him in Milwaukee some autumn. Love him without end.
  • Avatar for confetti__
    Hoping I get to see him play in Cardiff in the summer. Love him waaay too much
  • Avatar for John__Lemon
    Lyrics are up on genius btw
  • Avatar for John__Lemon
    Voodoo doll is beautiful
  • Avatar for JanmaxPL
    Kaszanka :D
  • Avatar for morningside24
    'Global Warming', 'Disappointing' and 'Magma Arrives' for me.
  • Avatar for Herick_MS
    the collaboration with Amanda Palmer in You and Him bring me here, what a great discovery
  • Avatar for XDRory
    The last half is magnificent.
  • Avatar for davecarter
    How does he do it, He really is something special
  • Avatar for Yuri_Addict
    The new album is just fantastic listening to it nonstop at work is a joy.
  • Avatar for Merlerser
    Snug Slacks and Voodoo Doll had me a bit perplexed at first, but the more I listen the more they are growing on me! Especially Voodoo Doll, now that's one I can't wait to see live !
  • Avatar for x_Leticia_x
    "Queen of Denmark" and "Pale Green Ghosts" albums set the bar very high but I think he's done it again! The album grows on me with every listen. My favs so far: "You and Him"," Global Warming" and "Geraldine".
  • Avatar for XDRory
    I'm kind of finding Snug Slacks to be a bit jarring after Grey Tickles, Black Pressure though.
  • Avatar for Merlerser
    Interesting! My favourites are Grey Tickles, Black Pressure and Guess How I Know, but I definitely agree that there are no weak songs.
  • Avatar for mhmtakff
    Geraldine, No More Tangles, Magma Arrives, You & Him are my favorites from GTBP. But whole album is masterpiece, there is no one bad song.
  • Avatar for tonnyaranha
    Geraldine, Disappointing and Snug Slags are so far my favorites from the new record, 'til now.
  • Avatar for XDRory
    Global Warming is the Vietnam of GTBP. AKA one of the best songs on the album.
  • Avatar for tonnyaranha
    The new album is AMAZING. Can't stop listening. Loved the track with Amanda Palmer.
  • Avatar for mhmtakff
    The new album is fantastic. It is more beautiful after every listening!
  • Avatar for Merlerser
    The new album is bizarre. I love it!
  • Avatar for timkraaijvanger
    Brilliant new album. John Grant is the best!
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    The new album never disappoints. Fantastic comeback, John.
  • Avatar for tonnyaranha
    The Disappointing music video is SO amazing. I'm looking forward his new album.
  • Avatar for John-Ackles
    Disappointing is everything but disappointing.
  • Avatar for Charmander0
    Disappointing is not disappointing at all. [2]
  • Avatar for jamesdark
    Disappointing is not disappointing at all.
  • Avatar for mhmtakff
    Disappointing is mind blowing. [2]
  • Avatar for dominicgeinosky
    Disappointing is mind blowing.
  • Avatar for Whip-Smart
    The Album Trailer is amazing.
  • Avatar for mhmtakff
    Grey Tickles, Black Pressure <3 i can't wait...........
  • Avatar for XDRory
    "I like that rumour. A whole lot, actually. Hope it goes beyond rumour and into reality" Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, October 2nd.
  • Avatar for mhmtakff
    Just listened to Queen of Denmark. It's so amazing, I have no words. [2]
  • Avatar for FrauleinKiil
    "there's a rumor floating around that he's going to release a new album in 2015" I like that rumour. A whole lot, actually. Hope it goes beyond rumour and into reality
  • Avatar for PhoenixBloom
    Vote for your fave debut albums here, join the community and vote!
  • Avatar for lebital
    Queen of Denmark… *gone speechless*
  • Avatar for chris844
    great voice.
  • Avatar for lemonlizz
    there's a rumor floating around that he's going to release a new album in 2015
  • Avatar for kkkillerz
  • Avatar for izzahnasaruddin
    I've listened to Outer Space for like the 285th time and never got tired of it. PERFECTION MUTHAFUCKAA
  • Avatar for TheJoshmire
    Saw John live with the Royal Northern Sinfonia last night. Words cannot describe exactly how spectacular and breathtaking the performance was. I was in tears most of the night! He played some new songs and they were stunning. Cannot WAIT for the next record and tour!
  • Avatar for Albert-The-Duke
    John Grant is too perfect.
  • Avatar for John__Lemon
    I named Queen of Denmark as my 7th best album of the decade so far. A beguiling rekindle of the beauty that he had with the Czars, it's a stunning piece of artistry. Check out why
  • Avatar for AmnisV
    Just listened to Queen of Denmark. It's so amazing, I have no words.
  • Avatar for JordanNeo
    I saw John Grant for the second time when he opened for Elbow at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I love his songwriting and delivery. I took some pics:
  • Avatar for LeoOh
    Glacier ♥
  • Avatar for joaohenriquebf
  • Avatar for TMeloLastFM
    Pale Green Ghosts!


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