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  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    Now it's a funny thing I never saw you then / but since you've been away I think I see you
  • Avatar for lebital
    this guy is pure talent
  • Avatar for be_quiet_peter
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    Metamatic one of my fave albums
  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    his works with Steve D'Agostino is unreal & underrated.
  • Avatar for Alexas19
    Underpass !!!
  • Avatar for journik850
    Nighthawks is brilliant. Perfect winter ambience and a wonderful collab album.
  • Avatar for mydesperateicon
    Love him
  • Avatar for Waes-GOD
    Metamatic is so brilliant.
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    сольники доставляют даже больше, чем ultravox с мидж юром собсна
  • Avatar for gelche_g
    Why so underrated :( He's marvelous!
  • Avatar for MinduLT
  • Avatar for ketamineface
    last time i saw john foxx we walked in half way through underpass, fuckin northern line
  • Avatar for Eglantinetje
    Got to read me some J.G. Ballard if his writings were such an inspiration for Metamatic. Love it when different forms of art collide! (Good looking guy back in the day too, Dennis Leigh)
  • Avatar for tangerman
    Oceanic :-)
  • Avatar for seanixx
    Wow so great i love it !!!
  • Avatar for sraets
    I just got his 3 Cathedral Oceans albums - very beautiful, ambient music. Very different from his 80's stuff, much more similar to his collaborations with Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd.
  • Avatar for Akatian
    When it comes to Ultravox, I generally prefer Midge Ure's version of the band, but as solo artists John Foxx is definitely superior in my mind. Just great stuff all around, Metamatic in particular is a fantastic album.
  • Avatar for ProjectPickaxe
    one of the 80's new wave era's best. bar none.
  • Avatar for incultojurgis
    badadadadadadadada UNDERPASS! badadadadadadadada UNDERPASS!
  • Avatar for tangerman
    [url=] ELECTRO PEARLS [/url]
  • Avatar for m-hide
  • Avatar for calabrisa
    this guy is a fucking sorcerer
  • Avatar for pjdigitalism
  • Avatar for KurtBell
    What! 4 studio albums in a year! What a STUD!
  • Avatar for Nerve_Free_Fall
    Underpass!!!!!!! NIQQAAS!! :D
  • Avatar for grossy2
    someone's gone liquid in the sheets...
  • Avatar for SaloTytan
    M>E>T>A>L B<E<A<T
  • Avatar for grossy2
    Burning Car.... alright.
  • Avatar for unsoundfestival
    John Foxx will perform at [event=1723860]Unsound Festival 2011[/event]
  • Avatar for sea_biscuit
  • Avatar for guzerat
    A true genius.
  • Avatar for Frostmorn
  • Avatar for DuuNfox
    europe after the rain <3
  • Avatar for sleepdriver1984
    Check out my new wave/progressive music inspired by Duran Duran, Alphaville, A-ha, John Foxx, Masami Tsuchiya, David Sylvian, David Bowie, The Associates, The Cure and many more!
  • Avatar for BardockRution
    Underpass!!! ^^
  • Avatar for eyesaresmiles
    Woah, Underpass is so massively M83 25 years ahead of time
  • Avatar for MinaAlisa
    I like all his songs!!
  • Avatar for Frostmorn
    M E T A M A T I C
  • Avatar for roseofviolence
    Metal beat!!!
  • Avatar for theMaggotFarmer
    Mr Foxx was born on 26 September 1952 :)
  • Avatar for escalation746
    Appearing soon in a London near you.
  • Avatar for eskmsaul
    Love it!
  • Avatar for Lucifer-Sam
    Metamatic is great!
  • Avatar for yousttyna
    The Garden sounds like bad trip.
  • Avatar for droboter
  • Avatar for supertruper ...Midge Ure group
  • Avatar for jamezdd73
    Destination is amazing.
  • Avatar for Metamatica_
    I uploaded some pictures and a short bio on the page
  • Avatar for Warsie
    New material!!! :D John Foxx and The Maths is the name given to the work written and produced by John Foxx and Benge. The songs are now available ^^


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