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  • Avatar for yourmilk
    Yeah a drug called G.O.D. my friend
  • Avatar for Abomination317
    I love Meditations, but for the life of me I can't get into A Love Supreme at all. Am I missing something?
  • Avatar for lnqdty
    clean [2]
  • Avatar for Backinmind
    отличный музыкант был! музыка гениальная
  • Avatar for Y-xllWllx-Y
    V Именно так.
  • Avatar for leha9023
    дааа бля, вот это сука джаз, ооо даааа
  • Avatar for TheGoobs21
  • Avatar for pteronophobic
    Trane is the ultimate example of music as a spiritual vehicle.
  • Avatar for Aristoxenous
    Coltrane was a beast.
  • Avatar for renetoq
    @ThijsvanBaalen I'd recommend listening to the original albums, as each of them has a particular atmosphere and flow.
  • Avatar for lacerdagabriel
  • Avatar for bluemelody_
    An animation that I created for alternative opening for Taxi Driver with a music of Coltrane, I love this music, It was the first song I thought for this opening:
  • Avatar for El_Salvador7
    That Johnny Hartman album though... showing all the people the cool relaxed side of John Coltrane. He wasn't all fast-paced virtuosity folks, this guy had feeling and guts. One of the greatest musicians ever.
  • Avatar for kuroshakai
    Time After Time
  • Avatar for ThijsvanBaalen
    Should I listen to the very best or the original recordings? There seem to be a difference between both. Let me know:)
  • Avatar for Steelvagina
    african/brass 10/10
  • Avatar for pedro-dalberto
    blue train
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for Steelvagina
    equinox <3
  • Avatar for Joshy1kz
    My Favorite Things ♥
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Just Great
  • Avatar for Valdressin
    Here's the One of best Jazz artist Coltrane's playlist : Coltrane Selection spotify:user:valdressin:playlist:7pVDTokv4WiSZmMc1rDDUv
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
  • Avatar for jakobnergardh
    lvv dat john coltrane
  • Avatar for Wotsthedeal
    Been diggin Stardust a lot lately.
  • Avatar for jdotperiod
    a love supreme is just sublime[2]
  • Avatar for Zombak39
    Чем-то напоминает ранний шугейз.
  • Avatar for mystical-child
    a love supreme is just sublime
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
  • Avatar for ASAP_Ferg
    Olé Coltrane pure genius
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
  • Avatar for YoxScorpion
    A Love Supreme arrepia toda vez
  • Avatar for Wotsthedeal
    Olé Coltrane is excellent
  • Avatar for hvrdknock
    fucking genius
  • Avatar for xcoexistx
  • Avatar for evellemolive
    Puro amor.
  • Avatar for mmmojo
    "John Coltrane nous a montré la voie"
  • Avatar for kyletiffauges
    endless love
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    Red Garland's prestige sessions as a leader with Coltrane are as good as Coltrane's with Garland. All fans of Trane's Prestige period should check out [url=]High Pressure[/url], [url=]Soul Junction[/url] and [url=]All Mornin' Long[/url]. All three albums are overlooked classics.
  • Avatar for impronen
    Love the aggression in his playing. Its intense, almost violent at times.
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    Monkeybread > Kenny G = Donna Reed + Peanut Butter Soup - Vanilla Coca Cola / Styrofoam = Kool G Rap + Jerry Mathers
  • Avatar for lm13700
    E = m * [C(oltrane)]^2
  • Avatar for doowniwevets
    (Kenny G + Julio Cortázar) ÷ (Wes Montgomery^Miles Davis) ≥ √John Coltrane * log4(Roy Hargrove)
  • Avatar for Kawsoon
    Julio Cortazar > John Coltrane [5]
  • Avatar for Thelemonish
    Kenny G > John Coltrane [2]
  • Avatar for _duif
    'Meditations' may be my favorite Coltrane album.
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    Offering is really good.
  • Avatar for _duif
    'Offering: Live at Temple University' 2CD is out now. Recorded in 1966!
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    happy birthday Trane!!! come to brazil [2]


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