• Detroit comerica cityfest review

    10 Jul 2007, 15:23 by nickbuz

    Wed 4 Jul – Comerica CityFest
    We heard Femi Kuti with his band from afar and he sounded great. My parents heard him and said he was solid. Spoon was alright. I wasn't overly impressed by their live presence as they seemed to simply regurgitate their recordings with little audience interaction. On Friday, I had meant to see John Arnold and Jeremy Ellis do their electro funk thing, but I missed that too. I had high hopes for Lupe Fiasco that maybe he would be touring with a band and some backup singers, but alas, just a dj and an assistant MC. (All I'd heard prior to going was Daydream, so I assumed there were more female vocal samples that would need to be replicated. A talented rapper, but not much more at this concert. The last performance I caught was Hot Club Of Detroit. They were stellar as always, zipping through their style.