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-bogn in chattanooga tennessee. went to the north when i was 18yrs old. came back to chattanooga tennesse because of work layoffs. got my old job back as a cook at a chicken place. couldn,t figure out why they wouldn,t make me stay in school. so they kicked me out he he. after the trip to northwest, later, i couldn,t make it because i couldn't do the things i wanted too on part time pay. so i left and intered into the legal murder ring they called the army. they put me on the iron curtain they called it. came home with a honorable and a letter of acomodation. worked a third shift job. and the the bottom fell out. moved back home. had a auto accident that left me with a crippled right hand. it took me ten years to learn how to play my guitar in a respectful fashion. after all this i never layed down my guitar sometimes it was all i had to comfort me. i owe it all to james d. who gave the will to play again. for that i will always owe him. many of women i have had i loved them all. if i were an arab i would have the harem form hell. i hope you get through life with it other wise i would have offed myself a long time ago. hope it gets you down the road of the road we call life. peace forever. unless they kill us all ha ha+still stoned despite society rip offs and the ones who sell free love and emotions for a profett. maybe we can come out of the dark and exercise are god given right to pleasure and skin touching skin in the light without have to worry about pain and fear for being cool. ill be in the grass looking up at the stars at night. stillhopeing for free love for everyone and peace
luv u, luv u,
john a john a

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went through the 60's 70's 80's 90's ive allways listend to rock and roll. and I used to dream of playing guitar in front of people. I was born in chattanoga tn. in 1956. learned how to play at 9 years old. had an auto accident in 1982 I learned how to play again with a crippled arm. got a break and there it is. luv ya keep lestening to the day ill crash but its delerous he he he