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  • Avatar for IZ_DACLIQUE_203
    nice try dude
  • Avatar for laclefdescoeurs
    How silly complaining about people talking about beards and "ignoring music"
  • Avatar for IZ_DACLIQUE_203
    How silly speaking about beards and ignoring music
  • Avatar for IZ_DACLIQUE_203
    Clarinet Quintet and Clarinet Sonata No.2
  • Avatar for Imarcescivel
    You should love his beard instead.
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    I love how people have this strange fetish about his beard..
  • Avatar for nDroae
  • Avatar for FindO_0000O0000
    to lick his beard is my dream
  • Avatar for Wooshmeister
  • Avatar for Ntagfoo
    nah not my cup o' tea
  • Avatar for djjoeChelin
    Piano Concerto No. 1 in Dm - Op. 15
  • Avatar for GraveOzz
    Brahms w/ beard >>>> Brahms w/o beard [2]
  • Avatar for top20fanatico
    F Yeah! I love this guy! :D <3
  • Avatar for Ausca
    HOW could any MUSIC be GREATER than his FOURTH SYMPHONY?
  • Avatar for Tonacatecuhtli
    Brahms without beard is so sexy! Bearded Brahms is so old.
  • Avatar for MonarchKingdom
    Who keeps voting for this non-bearded Brahms? Brahms w/ beard >>>> Brahms w/o beard
  • Avatar for edubbwitthevdub
    Brahms has swag
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Big Fan Here
  • Avatar for Andre1685
    Jesus Christ, his Symphony No. 4 is marvellous.
  • Avatar for CosmicPi
    Good grief, his music is amazing.
  • Avatar for Lukk048
    The second time the choir sets in 'Denn alles Fleisch' in Ein deutsches Requiem is simply stunning. The recording by John Eliot Gardiner is my favorite here.
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    good old man.
  • Avatar for cowboy_envy
    my son
  • Avatar for Pani_Kika89
    "Hungarian Dances" na orkiestrę i jest 7 Heaven 0_0
  • Avatar for innercities
    'Andante, largo e mesto'
  • Avatar for Wooshmeister
    It's a shame that he destroyed so many of his compositions because he was so self-critical. :(
  • Avatar for LasyPomorza
    2 płyty winylowe na sprzedaż Sinfonie Nr 2 i 4 ETERNA. Szczegóły na priv.
  • Avatar for innercities
    john eliot gardiner's recording of the 3rd symphony is my favorite - expression owing to transparency, plus he pays a lot of attention to timbre.
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    Great composer indeed !
  • Avatar for tsmiths
    Magnífico! O melhor.
  • Avatar for myonnnnn
    met a hippie version of this mutha at a local coffee shop, ironically he didn't even know who johnny was
  • Avatar for hundlord
    Shit vad jag är dålig i magen
  • Avatar for innercities
    the moment of silence in Deutsches Requiem, after the orchestral introduction, before the choir sets in a cappella, is killer
  • Avatar for innercities
    "brahms was a hardcore loner"
  • Avatar for Wandadocet,+Op.+118,+No.+2
  • Avatar for Jumpingrabbits
    this music is pretty awesome u guys
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    настоящий романтик, один из последних классических композиторов - не эпигонов
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    Piano concerto No. 1 in D minor. Wonderful.
  • Avatar for ballseven
    These germans, always specials.
  • Avatar for Ali-Red
    Bearded Brahms>clean shaven Brahms
  • Avatar for CosmicPi
    A true maestro.
  • Avatar for AndreDias164
    dat beard.
  • Avatar for darth_pigeon
    Look at that beard. Look at it. [3]
  • Avatar for SoporAeternus-
    oh man, come to Brazil!
  • Avatar for tlenwave
    still ON TOUR
  • Avatar for SoporAeternus-
    So good!
  • Avatar for Antiquesphere
  • Avatar for Neitth
  • Avatar for vzakharov
    Brahms rocks! \l,,l
  • Avatar for Dikobrazka
    Symphonie #3 Op. 90: Poco Allegretto. Delightful.


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