• How To Buy: Joe Satriani

    17 May 2007, 13:16 by GrantRS

    Ok, yes I've decided to turn this into a series, so with no further ado, I present to you my opinion on how someone new to Joe Satriani should go about starting their collection.

    Buy first:
    Surfing With The Alien

    To those of you who know Satch well, and especially those of you who've already read my "How To Buy: Steve Vai", it may seem like I'm just going along with a vast majority and being pretty cliche by choosing this one.

    Surfing is the album that brought Satriani his first 'success' really, and not without good reason. The album is a perfect introduction to instrumental music for anyone who is not only just getting into Satriani, but also the genre. The album doesn't have the longest run time ever, but that almost plays to its advantage when listening to it as a whole album.

    As with Vai's Passion and Warfare, Surfing is almost unequalled among Satriani's back catalogue for each track's individuality. …