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1. Joe Public, Bristol U.K. - Power Pop / Mod / New Wave
Rob Marche (guitar/b.vox)
John Shennan (L.Vox/bass) & Geoff Allsop (Drums)…
Nick Sheppard joined in the band in 1980

Because Mr Shennan sang and played bass - Joe public could function as a three piece and the fact that he was a left-handed player giving them a symmetry on stage.

They did a handful of gigs in and around Bristol and Nick Sheppard (who had been in The Spics with John) joined on guitar.

At this point in time Marche was offered the opportunity to move to London to play guitar for Johnny Britton who was managed by Bernie Rhodes (manager of The Clash) - and he leapt at it. The band fizzled out after this - John formed The Shennans, playing much the same songs - and Nick Sheppard joined The Clash MK2. These are the only demos the band recorded.

2. Joe Public is a new jack swing group from Buffalo, NY that had a hit in the early 1990s with the song "Live and Learn," which hit #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. They released two albums on Columbia Records; 1992's Joe Public and 1994's Easy Come, Easy Go.

They also hosted the NBA Jams Music video, a VHS promotional release for the video game NBA Jam that contained music videos intercut with professional basketball highlight footage. The video for "Live and Learn" is contained on it, as well as improved live footage between video segments.

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