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  • dogmansuede

    Best New Artist, 1988.

    May 2014
  • beevercracker

    Does anyone here the X-Files theme in certain parts of this song?

    April 2014
  • Islandgirl56

    LUV IT !!!

    April 2014
  • TimeyJnr

    It makes me think of Janet Jackson, not sure copied from the other but there must be a culprit here. Well done anyway...!

    April 2014
  • Ezekiel22


    March 2014
  • DivaBVT811

    I love this song!!!!!

    July 2013
  • ladysadeyes

    Love the beat and words, I can relate. Rock it Jody....

    April 2013
  • ashantidennery

    nice classic my favorite

    April 2013
  • Vallyre

    Old school.... I love this song...

    December 2012
  • G8Rbuttercups

    I remember the video; she was moving to the drum beat. Good song.

    November 2012
  • rain74

    yes! 80's the best.i still want to listen to la toya's on a night like this..

    August 2012
  • JBionic1

    yeah Jody was so amazing!

    August 2012
  • earwash

    I always admired this lady. Great looks, great style, great dancer.

    July 2012
  • CityGirl245

    ...now I'm gonna find somebody new! That's the spirit!!

    May 2012
  • msippigirl


    May 2012
  • mackpm

    blast from the past

    May 2012
  • michaelandjohn

    "So Janet Jackson, rhythm nation". Who said that?

    March 2012
  • kkingjjohn

    ... GREAT !!!

    February 2012
  • marclovesthe80s

    this song reminds me of a seventh grade crush!

    January 2012
  • lioness28213

    My song!!!!!!!! I used to try to siing and dance like Jodi whenever this video came on. I remember coming back and performing on Soul Train... the song was fiyah!

    October 2011
  • CoolMrsTush

    Shout out to Jody from Jodie.....you GO girl!

    September 2011
  • chanelle79

    Oww! bout to start doing the snake! This used to be the jam!

    September 2011
  • Cali-Son

    This use to fill the dance floor, You Know

    September 2011
  • christmasmornin

    love the hell out of this song.

    September 2011
  • kissmylips22


    September 2011
  • djroyson

    try my remix Jody Watley - Looing For A New Love (DJRoyson New Jack Swing Remix 2011) http://soundcloud.com/djroyson/jody-watley-looing-for-a-new

    July 2011
  • becken32


    July 2011
  • rbynum12

    My secret lover.

    June 2011
  • codychestnutt

    Yes Jody! I used to be in love with this song :-)

    May 2011
  • jcf1814

    U know that I needed U. U know that U meant the world 2 me.

    April 2011
  • jd48036


    April 2011
  • PurpleAfropuffs

    Classic and still banging.

    February 2011
  • PhilsLover

    still the jam

    February 2011
  • slippymusic

    Smooth and funky.

    January 2011
  • softbrwnsuga

    Jody Watley is my feel good music...any of her songs just puts a smile on my face!!

    January 2011
  • SheritaBrown

    love her! wonder if they (Shalamar) will ever do at least one more tour together.....would make me happy!

    November 2010
  • Monji21

    This is my song! HAHA!

    October 2010
  • Camry92

    Jody's the bomb very sexy

    October 2010
  • dieteticsmajor

    She talking mad smack!!! No Jody dont leave me!!!

    October 2010
  • rifleman53


    September 2010
  • SheritaBrown

    now ur like the rest...unworthy of my best! get it Jody!!

    September 2010
  • flashfunk10608

    Oh my God I used to have it sooooo bad for Jody Watley. Hell I still do mmmmmm

    July 2010
  • moonitelady

    Did she turn you out?

    June 2010
  • toshahas19


    June 2010
  • robbak2

    Wish I could be the one !!!

    May 2010
  • TheJanStan

    always thought of this as the counterpart to "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"

    May 2010
  • pabloadrian

    Buen remix

    May 2010
  • pone2none

    great jam!\

    April 2010
  • all_for_you

    İ'm looking for a new love baby , a new love !!!

    April 2010
  • dmurph15

    Yes! Jody!

    March 2010