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  • Avatar for headey
    track(s) here :
  • Avatar for samy1883
    i like him
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    'Concierto de Aranjuez', one of the best songs ever composed. Masterpiece.
  • Avatar for IceSpoon
    Siempre me ha causado gracia que conocí a este español viendo Digimon (la serie japonesa)
  • Avatar for ValtielXIII
    Oh my... I always can't constrain tears, listening to Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez.
  • Avatar for AristideKlopbk
  • Avatar for fearimpaired
    I like Concierto Heroico a lot!
  • Avatar for surajsharma
    he wasn't blind. he saw with his ears. <3
  • Avatar for YuriFloyd
    fantasia para un gentilhombre > concierto de aranjuez
  • Avatar for burninmind
    Concierto de Aranjuez! <3
  • Avatar for eloy_iron
    hermosa musica genial obra mastra
  • Avatar for Rainman45
  • Avatar for SiavashTheOne
    Whole universe speaks to you in Concierto de Aranjuez, Adagio. Amazing.
  • Avatar for priedits
    Seriously never'll get over how perfect Concierto de Aranjuez is. [3]
  • Avatar for Nan_araujo
    I wish someday I'll be able to play it perfectly.
  • Avatar for Nan_araujo
    Seriously never'll get over how perfect Concierto de Aranjuez is. [2]
  • Avatar for Qalfzx
    Yepes and the English Chamber Orchestra
  • Avatar for Gordoroth
    Feliz cumpleaños increíble señor, Gracias por alabar al grande Diego.
  • Avatar for spincat
    Feliz Cumpleanos el encantador de mis oidos
  • Avatar for serraemeira
  • Avatar for --soma--
    Many tag discrepancies with Concierto de Aranjuez...
  • Avatar for murderman3 I made a fan group for him. Join in.
  • Avatar for barryvs
    Leaving a shout because he deserves more.
  • Avatar for JulieAnnIero
    funny that 7 years after I watched school of rock for the 1st time, i kept wondering what soung was the one the children play in the music room, then i found out it was concierto de aranjuez after watching the figure ice skating on TV two weeks ago '-'
  • Avatar for storytellingman
    Seriously never'll get over how perfect Concierto de Aranjuez is.
  • Avatar for Rukasu_Riku
    Concierto de Aranjuez is a masterpiece. (2) Really, so beautiful <3
  • Avatar for Makushimu_San
    Concierto de Aranjuez is a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for pilzpilzpilz
    Concierto Madrigal/Concierto para una Fiesta is awesome
  • Avatar for helbasia
    Concierto de Aranjuez ... beautiful !
  • Avatar for wizardoflight
    Timeless and enchanting. The true essence of music. Gives me chills everytime I hear it....
  • Avatar for UniversalFan
    Rodrigo had a fantastic flair for the dramatic. This is my favorite piece of music written for the guitar that I have heard so far. Of the performances that I have heard, the one by Segovia was probably the best. John Williams performance in his concert at Alhambra was also excellent.
  • Avatar for pioggiadanza
    очень нравится)))
  • Avatar for StuartHaden1
    one of my all time favourite pieces of music. it conjures up a magical, peaceful and beautiful landscape full of sun and life and offering great opportunity to create wonderful work whether that be food, dance, writing, music, art or architecture all healing and beneficial to humanity and earth
  • Avatar for Lushiiamazed
    nice, very nice
  • Avatar for Carlosnym
    Good music....a virtuoso indeed
  • Avatar for sinsen1960
    leyla bir ozge candır rodrigo
  • Avatar for vebelala
    this is pure relaxation,,,,,,,,,for the mind vebelala
  • Avatar for phentanil
  • Avatar for beth_nakashima
    rodrigo's aranjuez always makes me cry...the greatest classical masterpiece i've ever heard.....
  • Avatar for neurophyre
    He oido que el adagio del Concierto de Aranjuez trata del perdido de un hijo... no sé de seguro, pero puedo creerlo todas las veces que oigo el movimiento final de la obra. Simplemente increible, un lamento de proporciones tan grandes.
  • Avatar for SirAlecHendrix
    interesting that rodrigo is identified with 'classical guitar'. this seems because of his most famous work, the concierto de aranjuez (an orchestral piece that makes me cry). yes, he revitalized the spanish guitar in western art music, despite the fact that he didn't play the spanish guitar at all. nevertheless, the guitar is in his concertos, not in the man. the man was a great spanish composer of neo-classicism, incorporating elements of spanish folklore (hence, the guitar) in his work (he composed for flute and cello as well). and this characterizes his music, what do you think ?
  • Avatar for el_chivo
    Sos grande!
  • Avatar for josecharts
    me gusta el concierto de aranjuez
  • Avatar for Buttonman
    Everything he wrote is gold.
  • Avatar for Ekemen
    Rest in peace Joaquín the great Rodrigo Vidre. You shall never be forgotten. We all are grateful for what you gave and still giving to music and especially classical guitar field.
  • Avatar for Sylearn
    New images to vote for !

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