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  • Avatar for matt5496
    in a word: gorgeous
  • Avatar for SamChaney
    Easily one of the most incredible pieces of music I have ever heard, and likely will ever hear. The lyrics are of course effortlessly gorgeous, and at the same time humble and deeply earnest. The melodies sound ancient, familiar, and haunting. The Dorian mode melody in the middle alone brings me to tears, but the lyrics about Pompeii sung through it bring me to my knees every single time I hear it. The almost religious tones of the failing relationship in the first half seem to be an echo of past lives ended instantly in a volcanic eruption. Can there be a more effective analogy for broken love? "To whose authority do you consign your soul?"
  • Avatar for BanDraoi
    Gods, I thought it would never end.
  • Avatar for Arc_Of_Fire
    Joanna, how are you so perfect???
  • Avatar for kitkat129
    New words need to be invented to describe the greatness of the whole Have One On Me album, every song is just so incredibly beautiful, but if I had to choose one, I'd say this is my favorite song on it.
  • Avatar for babygoddess_
    "And with your knife you evicted my life from its little lighthouse on the seashore" This song is definitely a masterpiece
  • Avatar for BigJimBob
    Stand here and name the one you loved Beneath the drifting ashes And in naming, rise above time As it, flashing, passes wow!
  • Avatar for puismourir
    I would probably die if I saw this live
  • Avatar for ghiaguy67
    Powerful yet so feminine and delicate
  • Avatar for Diving-Up
    Deliciously medieval. [2] A masterful song.
  • Avatar for amirulb
    Deliciously medieval.
  • Avatar for Buggy08
  • Avatar for ax-ax
    blo-ho-hod ha-ad no bounds
  • Avatar for jane_eyre07
    Amazing beyond words. <3
  • Avatar for Darklingv20
    and I saw that my blood had no bounds
  • Avatar for IAmAnOwl
    One of the most incandescently lovely songs in existence.
  • Avatar for erikisPSYCHO
    Have One On Me is still whooping my ass. I just discovered how beautiful this song is.
  • Avatar for Dapunk
    Kate Bush just woke up and wants her dress back. Still a great track though.
  • Avatar for akglumstubble
    5:42-on leaves me convinced that Disney (might) be able to claw its way out of its grave and into a glorious reincarnation IF they turned Joanna loose, no restrictions/deadlines/artistic constraints, to create a kind of epic, new global mythology -- to rank second to none before. Hers would be the narrative and the soundtrack. Of course, they'd have to find someone of the caliber of James Jean or Yoshitaka Amano for the art direction to live up to the aesthetic quality standards Joanna would set. Charm without kitsch; pathos without ham-fisted oversentimentality :}
  • Avatar for Ursulabear
    rarely do I encounter a song this perfect.
  • Avatar for lilitu93
    The arrangement of this track really makes me think of a Dolly Collins's arrangement but on more contemporary instruments. This is a good thing.
  • Avatar for BigJimBob
    Those last 3.15 get me every time. Suddenly it becomes a deep timeless archetype of a song
  • Avatar for Hakidonmuya
    This is probably my favourite song of her. The music, the lyrics - breathtaking.
  • Avatar for chuiRoi
  • Avatar for DominoRecords
    brilliant perfection
  • Avatar for purple_prince
    Probably the best song on the album (currently)
  • Avatar for BigJimBob
    5.50 onwards this brings up my goose bumps. It suddenly seems to be a timeless edifice rising out of the sonic landscape....or something like that.
  • Avatar for shobhnaguerin
    Honestly, I just cannot get over this song. It just astounds me every time
  • Avatar for CobaltGreen
  • Avatar for KingHeff
    one of the standouts of this massive triple LP of brilliance
  • Avatar for shobhnaguerin
    this song stumps me. <3
  • Avatar for ontheoverpass
    So fucking epic, especially the last 3 and a half minutes. The post-apocalyptic imagery towards the end reminds me of 'The Road', a bit.
  • Avatar for Denitz
    Amazing song... and I just love the Paradise Lost reference!
  • Avatar for ohswanohsparrow
    slavic-baroque-nativeamerican-asian love
  • Avatar for Oxymoxl
    Amazing Song. Can's stop listening..
  • Avatar for Moonchild_27
    >5:50 soooooo beatiful
  • Avatar for cliquott
  • Avatar for Ifyougostraight
    Agreed with the Stairway to Heaven comment, excellent song though!
  • Avatar for lukeloseth
    'astonishing' is a good word to describe this
  • Avatar for MilotheMayor
    This is some serious Sylvan shit.
  • Avatar for absolia
    after the 6 minute mark.. wow. goosebumps.
  • Avatar for Two_Colours
    pretty much a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Mayavada
    slightly 'stairway to heaven'...
  • Avatar for absolia
    i love it.
  • Avatar for LePlatypope
    I think this is still my favorite song off the new album. Which says a lot.
  • Avatar for ShaggyAlonso
    astonishing piece of music
  • Avatar for ostrich54321
    the strings, the strings...I love them.
  • Avatar for LeLarsch
    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.
  • Avatar for andgtome
    indeed very "YS" which is perfect :D
  • Avatar for danielwithers
    my goodness, this is gorgeous!


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