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    2009 draws to a close and yet again my all-embracing, all-inclusive and all-rambling review of the year’s electronic music returns – wordier than ever before... Slightly earlier than I'd planned, but isn't that always the way.

    On a personal level, it’s been a strangely disappointing year, so, this year more than ever, it’s been music and DJing keeping me going and giving life its colour. Trance, in particular, has been truly stunning this year, maybe better than it’s been since the “golden era” of 98-01. And that high standard itself has both kept me sane and yet at times driven me to states of embarrassing over-excitement and needless intoxication – something I’m sure most of my fellow trance addicts, Shpongloids and borderline paranoiacs can relate to. Whether this is my prediction that trance would improve in the final years of the decade coming true or just me looking a lot harder I’m not sure, but I’m still convinced trance fans, from both uplifting and techy ends of the spectrum…
  • Sean Tyas - Phased Out Phriday 002

    24 Aug 2006, 13:59 by adosoba

    Sean Tyas
    Phased Out Phriday 002 (2006-08-11)

    01. Supesr 8 - Get Off
    02. E-Craig - Home
    03. JoC - Elevator Dance Off
    04. Selu Vibra - Divine (Tyas Rework)
    05. ID - ID (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
    06. Sean Tyas - Lift
    07. Legend B - Lost In Love (Sean Tyas Remix)
    08. True Form - Forbidden Colors (Tyas Rework)
    09. Nu Nrg - Last Experience (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
    10. ID-ID
    11. Filthy Rich - The One (Sean Tyas Rework)
    12. Seb B - Mass Noise (Tyas Rework)
    13. Sander Van Doorn - Punk'd (Tyas Remix)
    14. Bubblefish - Stars Of Ibiza (Tyas Remix)
    15. Kuffdam & Plant - Dreammakers (Activa Rework)
    16. Jochen Miller - Chromatic (Alex MORPH Remix)
    17. Jon O'Bir - Ascendancy (Alex MORPH & Woody Van Eyden Remix)
    18. Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Tyas Rework)
    19. Tania Mann & Peter Dafnous - Remote Kontrol (Tyas Rework)

    Afterhours FMでのSean Tyasのマンスリーショウ。
    ETN.FMのFrequency Fridayと同じような感じ。
    Sean Tyasは、オリジナルとリミックスともにクオリティーが高い。
    しかも、仕事量が多い。Sean Tyasにはずれなし。