• Fulks 2010 residency at The Hideout

    2 May 2010, 16:58 by heatherc

    In February, Robbie Fulks began a Monday night residency at The
    Hideout, which is scheduled to last throughout at least all of 2010
    (whenever Robbie is available). Few artists would do such a thing
    with as great a diversity as he has thus far. So I'll use this journal
    to keep a record of the shows, updating it throughout the year.

    On October 31, 2010, the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article on Robbie's residency:,music-residencies-103110.article

    Feb 1 - with Robbie Gjersoe
    I'm starting this Monday, Feb. 1, with something safe and sound: my duo with the incredible Robbie Gjersoe. We'll be focusing on country flatpick songs. Bring your eighth-note-o-meters.
    ?? (instrumental)
    Molly and Tenbrooks [Bill Monroe]
    Georgia Hard
    The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me [trad.?]
    Guess I Got It Wrong
    The World Is Full of Pretty Girls (And Pretty Girls Are Full of Themselves Too)
  • Horseshoe Hootenanny: John Doe and The Sadies

    5 May 2009, 16:39 by Rockstar_Aimz

    Thu 30 Apr – John Doe And The Sadies, John Doe, The Sadies

    Concert Review: John Doe And The Sadies
    Sonic Boom and The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    From my blog:

    You know how when you read a really good book, and then see the movie and the movie didn't quite live up to your love of the book? Or when you are at a restaurant and you eat some apple pie, but its not nearly as good as your mom's apple pie? Its not a completely fair comparison - your interpretation of a novel verses a director's film interpretation, or mass produced restaurant pies verses your mom's secret recipe. But you compare them nonetheless. This is sort of how I feel about The Sadies recoded music verses seeing The Sadies live. Yeah, their albums are good, but the records don't come close to the awesomeness that is a Sadies live show. Thus, I was uber excited that I got to see The Sadies with and without John Doe twice on Thursday, April 30, in Toronto.
  • Growing young with rock and roll

    7 May 2006, 04:19 by guerosinfe

    It's four in the morning and raining. I'm 27 today, feeling old, listening to my records, and remembering that things were different a decade ago. In 1964, I was a freshman at Brandeis University, playing guitar and banjo five hours a day, listening to records most of the rest of the time, jamming with friends during the late-night hours, working out the harmonies to Beach Boys' and Beatles' songs.

    Real Paper soul writer Russell Gersten was my best friend and we would run through the 45s everyday: Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By" and "Anyone Who Had A Heart," The Drifters' "Up On the Roof," Jackie Ross' "Selfish One," The Marvellettes' "Too Many Fish in the Sea," and the one that no one ever forgets, Martha Reeves And The Vandellas' "Heat Wave." Later that year a special woman named Tamar turned me onto Wilson Pickett's "Midnight Hour" and Otis Redding's "Respect," and then came the soul. Meanwhile, I still went to bed to the sounds of The Byrds' "Mr. …
  • Tom Russell at St.Cloud, Minnesota, 5Apr06

    9 Apr 2006, 21:42 by jcshepard

    Tom Russell & Michael Martin
    Bo Diddley's Deli, St. Cloud, MN, Wed 5 April 2006

    An artist like Tom Russell knows how to tailor his show to the venue and crowd on any particular evening. Acoustic music shines in small clubs, preferably with a well-stocked bar and well-run sound. Bo Diddley's Deli in St. Cloud, Minnesota, is all of that plus great sandwiches, despite the strip-mall location just blocks off the campus of St. Cloud State University.

    Russell's usual side-man Andrew Hardin is off the road, so he was joined by San Antonio guitar-man Mike Martin (of the roots-rock band True Infidels). In between heart-felt songs of love and living, Tom chatted up the intimate early-spring crowd with tales of the '60s folk scene and meeting Johnny Cash in Switzerland, his Midwestern family roots and impressions of modern media, culture, and small town cuisine.

    While I first started listening to Tom Russell for his songs…