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  • Ew!
  • Mr. nice guy! ♡ Ew!
  • Ew!
  • Ew!
  • I love this man soooo much. x)
  • Damn I haven't heard The Bathroom Wall in so many years. Snowball Fight is my shit!
  • this dude needs to make out with me ASAP
  • Jimmy Fallon live was way better on SNL.
  • History of Rap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Love your album.
  • kingshit
  • Anyone want the Reading Rainbow cover? here you go! Also Youtube link:
  • What kind of Poopie is Fallon? Wet Poopie... The kind where you wipe your butt fifty times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't don't ruin them with a stain.
  • <3
  • jimmy fallon is the only good thing about late night talk shows now. and he was one of the best newer people snl had, even better than will ferrell.
  • Jimmy Fallon is adorable and his show is WAY better than Leno. When he and Conan were hosting on NBC was the only period that I could actually get excited about late night talk shows. And the Roots are his house band. C'mon. That's just epic.
  • This guy is horrible..... so unfunny
  • I love him.
  • Check out a clip from Robin Williams' upcoming stand up DVD "weapons of self destruction" out March 30th.Check out a clip from Robin Williams' upcoming stand up DVD "weapons of self destruction" out March 30th.
  • Love it all
  • I love him!! Shame on anyone who has ever dissed him! (I'm talking to you vinny4man)
  • If anyone has jimmy fallon's version of pants on the ground as an mp3 would you be able to send it to me? much appreciated.
  • Join [url='m+With+COCO]I'm With COCO[/url].
  • um, i definitely have to disagree. Jimmy Fallon is the most candid and honest and real, uncomfortable or not. everyone else just bugs me cause they thing they're so amazing and established. Conan is alright sometimes during interviews, but that's all. i love the SNL-esque stuff he does on the show, and he is hilarious.
  • Idiots and seem to be one and the same I've learned. It's getting to be as bad as Youtube!
  • why bother bashing someone like that? i hate certain musicians or comedians but i dont post shit about them on their page because it makes you look like an ass hole.
  • First, Jay is great. Second, give Jimmy a little time t get comfortable. It took Conan two years but he finally got comfortable on Late Night and it was hilarious!
  • Terrible show! Craig Ferguson is a million times better.
  • jay leno was a dueche and he was still waaaaaaaaay better than fallon, what a fuckin loser
  • I hate this guy so much, do not want, not funny, just some lame ass who laughs at his own jokes.
  • Love this guy, so down to earth. ;)
  • Hey Jimmy Fallon fans! If you like Jimmy, you may like what I am about to pimp. I know that people don't usually click these links, but I figured that I would give this a shot. My two man comedy pop band released our EP, and we'd love to get more listeners. We're called Sponsored By Poverty, and you can check us out here on Thanks!
  • He kinda sucks, but Idiot Boyfriend is awesome.
  • HE BUTCHERED the LATE SHOW or wtf it's called
  • I just watched a music video with Idiot boyfriend about Brendon Urie on youtube. It fit perfectly XD
  • Jimmy Fallon is AWESOME!!! And he´s very funny,his Late Night Show is hilarious,too! He´s one of my Favourite Comedian!!!
  • I heart Jimmy F.
  • Love you Jimmy <3 wish I could get your CD here though :(
  • Idiot boyfriend is a classic, i'm serious
  • Jimmy Fallon @Vma's 2001 was amazing.
  • lol. I found this cd at half price bookstore for 4 dollars. Im glad I bought it.
  • Jimmy is the best.
  • <3
  • Hammertime is amazing. hehe
  • Hilarious
  • love him :)
  • Funny as hell, but not all the time. Overall, I like him. I karaoke Idiot Boyfriend often.
  • Jimmy rocks. I find it kinda funny that for people who apparently hate someone so much, they still take the time to visit their page??? *blinks* Oh well...


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