• The Best Riffs

    27 Nov 2009, 18:43 by pemiliotardem

    Riff de Jimi Hendrix é eleito o melhor de todos os tempos. O guitarrista Jimi Hendrix teve o riff de uma de suas músicas "Voodoo Child" eleito o melhor de todos os tempos, de acordo com votação do "Music Radar", da qua participaram mais de cinco mil pessoas. A faixa está presente no álbum "Eletric Ladyland".

    "Voodoo Child" bateu concorrentes de peso como "Sweet Child O' Mine", do Guns N' Roses, que ficou na segunda posição e "Whole Lotta Love", que veio em seguida. "Smoke On The Water", do Deep Purple, e "Layla", do Derek And The Dominos completam o top cinco.

    O editor-chefe da revista, Mike Goldsmith, parabenizou a música, para ele, o riff de "Voodoo Child" é um "indiscutível campeão dos pesos pesos pesados da guitarra".

    "Da atual geração das estrelas das seis cordas, apenas Jack White do White Stripes e o vocalista do Muse, Matt Bellamy estão entre os 50 primeiros", completou.
  • Greatest 250 Songs 1950 - 2009

    8 Aug 2009, 14:15 by Jimbobbins

  • 08/06/09 - Oddity Playlist

    8 Jun 2009, 17:37 by fanatic4life

  • Top 10 Albums Of 1998 (That I Own)

    3 Mar 2009, 19:46 by darren86

    The following are the top 10 albums of 1998 that I currently own. I probably own more than 10 albums from that year, but these are my favourites.

    Note 1: I will be including compilations, live albums, ep's, re-issues etc, but no singles.

    Note 2: If I do only own 10 from this year, the releases towards the end of the list may not be favourites of mine at all, but the best I do have from that year.

    Note 3: If you think my list sucks, or needs improvements, please feel free to RECOMMEND me albums from 1998 and I will certaintly try to listen to them and give my opinions.

    All comments welcome.

    1. Airbag / How Am I Driving?

    This EP is just awesome. It really is incredible how high the quality of these b-sides are. The very high point of this EP is without a doubt Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2). The first part of the song is so beautiful, with great lyrics to add to Thom Yorke's outstanding vocals as usual. The second part of this song bursts into a nice fast rock song. …
  • Best Albums of 1993

    26 Dec 2008, 07:16 by cataphoresis

    I've decided to cross-post my old "Best Of" lists that I had on my website Here's 1993:

    1993 was the beginning of a stretch in the early to mid 90s where not only were the releases top quality, but also pretty easy to find. This, along with 1994, was one of the easiest lists to put together. I dont really have much else to say, so let's get cracking...

    10. Black Sunday - Cypress Hill
    Reflections: Rapper B. Real, leader of Cypress Hill, has one of the most unique voices in all of rap/hip-hop. Raspy, high pitched, yet powerful. While I dont really have a lot to say about Black Sunday, it is worth the listen. That, and I still know the words to Insane. Test me. (Don't try it. I'll check your ass like a looter in a riot.)
    Best tracks: Insane in the Brain, When The Shit Goes Down

    9. Pablo Honey - Radiohead
    Reflections: Back before Radiohead became the super-artsy championed posterboys of innovative rock, they were a lowly English rock band with a wily lead singer. …
  • Meme

    21 Sep 2008, 18:05 by Paranoid4ndroid

    1. How did you get into no.29?
    The Thompson Twins were part of my growing up. It was a time when the radio/TV was the source of nearly all my music.

    2. What's the first song you ever heard by no.22?
    The Sun Always Shines On Tv

    3. Whats your favorite lyric by no.33?
    Are you Lost or incomplete?
    Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?
    Tell me how you feel
    Well I feel like they're talking in a language I don't speak
    And they're talking it to me.

    4. How did you get into no.49?
    It was the video to Clint Eastwood - There was a video jukebox at my local pub and it got played a lot!

    5. How many albums by no.13 do you own?
    3: 18, Play, and Hotel

    6. What is your favorite song by no.50?
    Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

    7. Is there a song by no.39 that makes you sad?
    Hard Candy

    8. What is your favorite song by no.15?
    Comfortably Numb - the live version on the Delecate Sound of Thunder album

  • Top Fifteen Greatest Guitar Solos All Time

    30 May 2008, 03:30 by Lordbaxtus

    I've listened to a lot of music over time, and a lot of good guitar. But inevitably, some solos stand out from the crowd. Here, in order, are the Top Fifteen Guitar Solos of All Time.

    1) Name: Maggot Brain
    Artist: Funkadelic
    Guitarist: Eddie Hazel

    Funk? What is funk doing on a guitar list? (And where the hell is Stairway to Heaven?) Well, if anyone has heard this incredibly moving song, they'll know why it deserves the place as the greatest guitar solo of all time. George Clinton supposedly told Eddie Hazel to start playing like his mother had just died. Halfway through, he tells him to play like his mother had come back to life. Simply the most amazing guitar of all time, anyone who has heard this little known classic will understand what's up.

    2) Name: Voodoo Child
    Artist: Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix

    If anyone does not know who Jimi Hendrix is, you should not be reading this list. Go buy Band of Gypsies and return when you're done. …
  • Hendrix

    26 Feb 2008, 07:21 by blanchwood


    Não tenho o que falar...

    Finalmente, hoje é um dos melhores dias da minha vida...

    Eu esperava tanto isso!!! Agora eu tenho tesão para tocar guitarra... Agora eu QUERO MUITO aprender a tocar... Era isso que faltava!

    Zeus saves Jimi!

    Voodoo Child
  • Shuffle mode

    31 Dec 2007, 13:02 by x_lostforwords

    I'm bored so... :

    *The Requirements*

    1. Put your music player on shuffle mode.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question. (u can add comments + lyrics if ya want..)
    4. No cheating!

    *The Questions*

    [1] How am I feeling today?
    No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)

    "Now young faces grow sad and old and hearts of fire grow cold
    We swore blood brothers against the wind
    I'm ready to grow young again"

    [2] Where will I get married?
    Second Category(The Tellers)

    "Well, I admit it looks a bit like Hollywood
    and life would be better if it would
    This ain't useless and this ain't fake
    So try to be the one, for god sake"

    [3] What is my best friend’s theme song?
    For What's it Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

    [4] What was high school like?
    Imagine (John Lennon)

    [5] What is the best thing about me?
    Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix)

    [6] How is today going to be?
    You Got Another Thing Coming (Judas Priest)

  • Divididos en el Teletón

    10 Dec 2007, 13:27 by csaavedra

    Sat 8 Dec – Divididos

    The Divididos concert in the Teatro Teletón was a total blast. They played incredible and showed why they are called aplanadora del rock. They are only three guys and sound like ten!

    Ricardo Mollo did the usual tricks and when he started playing Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, the audience kindly provided with a carrot, two trainers, and a toothbrush. Mollo stopped playing contemplating the accessories on the stage, and picked up the carrot and one of the trainers. Then he said the audience "It's divided tonight, eh? What would it be tonight? Carrot or trainers"?. Then he answered himself and chose to use the carrot as a pick for the opening solos of the song. The poor carrot was completely shredded in the first minute minute, and then came the usual playing with the teeth, and finally, the outro solo with the toothbrush. I think even the security staff was more focused on his playing than in taking care of the audience. At least during Voodoo Child.