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  • MusicMagic77

    >> Check out the Billy Cox & Buddy Miles - The Band Of Gypsys Return - Machine Gun version too. (YouTube video)

    last month
  • buriuk

    incredible rockguitar

    October 2014
  • Weaponfire

    This is my favorite guitar song ever.

    August 2014
  • CactusRocks

    Hey, awesome song (with hear my train a coming) - I really love the atmosphere created with the drums and the bass line (which is godlike). It makes the whole thing : slow, big, powerful and unbreakable. Hendrix also bring the emotion and the drama of this song while singing on his guitar licks. I can't get enough of it!

    June 2014
  • Footshac

    When this song started I was eating a piece of bread. I am now eating toast. [2]

    March 2014
  • Red_Lefter

    La cumbre de Jimi.

    January 2014
  • OmegaAbsolution

    A fucking war... Bullets, Guns and Bombs. This is just perfect.

    December 2013
  • MIKEH3875


    October 2013
  • TheGhostMutt


    October 2013
  • Footshac

    DAT 3:38 !

    October 2013
  • srdjstuka

    Crom sits on top of his mountain jamming this song.

    September 2013
  • tomrud73

    one of Jimi's BEST TRACKS. so underrated imo.

    May 2013
  • Sooperglitcher

    You probably won't hear a better musical imitation of the sounds and horrors of war. Planes divebombing, generators and engines wailing, young men screaming in terror, explosions and rounds echoing across the futile scene of man's acutest evil. You can here it all and so much more here.

    May 2013
  • rhinowing

    i'm still not sure if the isle of wight version is awesome or terrible

    February 2013
  • Postmortem62388

    6:08-6:18 in the isle of wight version is the first black metal drumming ever

    January 2013

    Tell us then!....? ↓↓↓ ;)

    January 2013
  • shuvit90

    thanks ben12a!

    December 2012
  • shuvit90

    which live version is this?

    December 2012
  • escarabat94


    December 2012
  • Ezekiel22


    October 2012
  • El_Salvador7

    This is the ultimate showcase of Jimi's incredible talents.

    October 2012
  • MusicMagic77

    The studio recording was released on Midnight Lightning album. It's a Japanese Polydor release. The sounding and the mastering are absolutely different from the live versions. The lineup also different (read the album's wiki page) >> Here are the Front Cover the CD Image and the Rear Cover

    September 2012
  • d3vil0ck

    the part at 5 minutes makes me freak the fuck out every time, like violent bodily shaking

    September 2012
  • Eye_Gore

    When this song started I was clean shaven.

    July 2012
  • jo4nny

    When this song started I was eating a piece of bread. I am now eating toast.

    July 2012
  • jimboeck

    If I remember correctly, back in the sixties, the very first time I got high, this song was on the turntable..........

    June 2012
  • skank_pit

    This song gives me 'Nam flashbacks!

    June 2012
  • oldiesfanjohn

    Ear-gasm!!!..Jimi is jammin'..So overstated!!...He makes his guitar "talk" as usual!!!..The guitar work is the machine gun and helps tells the story!!

    June 2012
  • amonle

    this is more than just a song [2]

    May 2012
  • MissZero82

    a moment in the vastness of time with you sur, i so appreciate it in its entirety

    May 2012
  • WSteven

    13 years old when my cousin took me to see him in Miami, Florida still remember how freak in, he play that guitar

    May 2012
  • Random_Hobo

    One of the greatest songs ever

    April 2012
  • zero000000000

    complete domination

    April 2012
  • ben12a

    Yhis is the "Live at the Filmore East" version. Incredible!

    April 2012
  • Harper980

    Truly mind blowing.

    March 2012
  • magnoliamagmay

    holy fucking shit, the guitar is mind blowing. i dont know why i have never heard this song before. i was missing out

    March 2012
  • Wrongdecade13

    this is more than just a song

    March 2012
  • skank_pit

    absolutley cunted in the fuck

    January 2012
  • bluesfiete

    da stehen meine Haare hoch und der Körper macht einen Alleingang............

    January 2012
  • bludream


    January 2012
  • FKNA1

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    December 2011
  • metalhed00

    Oh that fukin' solo!

    November 2011
  • b_j_9_9

    going to need a new pair of pants...

    October 2011
  • DavosRancheros

    Fecking incredible song....still takes my breath away

    September 2011
  • shedonist


    August 2011
  • alexy2k08

    this song is exactly what it's named after

    June 2011
  • _Halleluhwah

    best Hendrix song ever.

    June 2011
  • buriuk

    Love it!

    June 2011
  • halblade

    klassic track klassic track>>>nuff said

    May 2011
  • Chikun93

    Jimi Jams will always live on.

    April 2011