• Q&A on Music

    30 Jan 2006, 09:58 by Lukin99

    1. What is/are your most "rocking" band(s)?
    + Metallica, Pearl Jam dan Led Zeppelin

    2. Name a song(s) that feel(s) good whenever you're on crush with someone else!
    + Speak Easy - Maria Taylor

    3. The most romantic song lyric(s) ever...
    + Currently: Speak Easy by Maria Taylor

    4. Song you used to listen whenever you're in the middle of highway...
    + Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers if we're not on the run, and Highway Star- by Deep

    5. Your favorite genre(s)? Why?
    + Rawk baby, rawk! In particular, and . Why? It represents something fierce and independent.

    6. Song(s) that bring your adrenaline get high and explosive...
    + Animal, Corduroy (Pearl Jam) and Rockin in the Free World (Neil Young)
    + Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin)
    + Eye of the Beholder (Metallica)

    7. Do you like Jazz? why?
    + Not bad...smooth jazzy one. Diana Krall or something like that. Feel good with its grooves, chillin' our head loud.

    8. What makes you get interested in any band?
  • Favouite Male Vocalists OR The Good, the Bad and the Downright Embarassing

    27 Jan 2006, 16:17 by Fairy_Nuff

    Have to say one of the things that really sells a piece of music to me is the quality of the vocals. I'm not saying they have to be fantastic (although some of these are), they just have to send shivers down me spine.

    And yes, they're in alphabetical order, just to be Fair.

    Ian Astbury Underrated guy. apparently The Cult are reforming, by the way.
    Tim Buckley Prefer the more up-tempo stuff on Greetings From LA. Stretches his remarkable voice much further.
    Chris Cornell - Temple of the Dog and Early Soundgarden.
    Bruce Dickinson
    Dave Gahan
    Paul Isola of Breed77 Gibraltan flamenco-metal.
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Anybody who can make "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sound fresh is OK in my book.
    Jim Morrison Never listened to the Doors much before I came on this site.
    Kele Okereke of Bloc Party It was Kele's voice that made me really sit up and take notice when I first sawBloc Party.
    Mike PattonI've already eulogised this guy plenty. God.
    Paul Rodgers Missed out on Free in my youth, so I'm catching up.
  • Year in Review.

    31 Dec 2005, 20:05 by superdorkboy

    Anyone who has paid even a lick of attention to my musical tastes would know that 2005 has been an extremely interesting year for Mr. Brandt.

    My musical attention shifted dramatically from the mainstream rock scene as recently as early 2005. Out of there, it went to Classic rock, old Punk rock, and, very recently, to some of the Post-punk and new wave acts of the 80s.

    But seeing as that is already common knowledge, I will go on to recognize some of the musical highlights of the year, via the bands that carried them through.

    The Top 4 Influential Bands this year:

    1. Led Zeppelin

    Throughout the year, these guys became the epitome of rock and roll in general. This superband was truly what got me really listening to Classic Rock. No one band could possibly match all of the influence that Led Zeppelin has provided onto me in the year of 2005.

    2. The Ramones

    Although eventually overshadowed by The Clash in mid-summer, The Ramones were what got me listening to punk in the first place.
  • Goodbye and Thank You (3 days late)

    11 Dec 2005, 17:01 by Mangula_D1S

    Hey, I just wanted to say a "goodbye" and "thank you" to three very important musicians in this journal entry.

    These three men were, in some way, instrumental to what I consider music nowadays

    oJohn Lennon
    A guy that was part of the world's most famous best-known boy band, who changed the face of music forever. Shot on the 8th December.

    oJim Morrison
    A man who made rock popular, and who contributed some of the finest music of its type. A little strange, but thanks. Born on the 8th December.

    oDimebag Darrel
    A man I consider to be one of the best metal guitarists ever. Pantera then Damageplan. Killed along with a security guard, a roadie and an audience member. Shot on the 8th December

    Thanks to all of you.

    That's all

  • New Mixtape: Name Droppers

    8 Dec 2005, 20:26 by nooshie

    I should have got out of bed and got ready for work half an hour ago, but just before I do, I'm issuing a challenge.

    One of my favourite ongoing mixtape plans is "songs that mention other bands or artists". I have a list of about 45 songs that do this, but I want other people's ideas first (plus, I don't want to be late to work)


    So, it turns out if you don't link journal entries to artists (and you post it at a time that is inconvenient for the US and the UK) then you don't get many people reading it except people you actually know. Who you could have emailed for mix tape advice (and have done, several times in the past).

    So, here are Misstriggercut's and Xenex's selections, and my own list:

    Weezer -In the Garage (mentions Kiss)

    Custard - If Yr Famous and You Know It Sack Yr Band (I can't think of who that song mentions, and I can't find the CD at the moment. So I don't know if it is the song you're thinking of)

  • Lyrics. Quotes. That kind of thing.

    29 Aug 2005, 08:54 by girl_from_mars

    The spin of the earth impaled a silhouette of the sun on the steeple...
    Why are you staring into outer space, crying?
    Everything Reminds Me Of Her

    Each time it comes it eats me alive
    I try to behave but it eats me alive
    So I declare a holiday
    Fall asleep, drift away

    Mellow evenings in the spring
    Full of warmth and hope
    you are dreaming unaware
    Unaware that you are letting go
    Folk Song

    beneath the pavement, the beach

    One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.
    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

    I want a refund
    I want a light
    I want a reason
    to make it through the night
    Monday Morning

    People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that's bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. …