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Jim has been writing Electronic Music since the late 1980's when he stepped back from fronting a black metal band to explore a solo career in instrumental music. He has his own unique style of Gothic EM which moves easily between huge symphonic slabs of music, dark ambience and sequencer driven soundscapes. The music itself, inspired by Gothic and Symphonic Rock and Berlin School Electronica, is quite often a CD in length, moves and shifts in tempo and mood, sometimes… read more

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  • Anyone care to share a link to a torrent or download location, I had them all now I cant find them.
  • We invite you to listen and download first compilation of our label's [label]USC[/label] Plus division: http://usc-plus.bandcamp.com/album/international-electronic-music-alliance-berlin-school-compilation • We've selected 32 top-notch Berlin School EM tracks by well-known modern musicians including: [artist]Joost Egelie[/artist], [artist]Nisus[/artist], [artist]Alluste[/artist], [artist]Syndromeda[/artist], [artist]Vanderson[/artist], [artist]Loomeer[/artist], [artist]Sayer[/artist], [artist]Carlo Celuque[/artist], [artist]D.W.B.[/artist], [artist]Frau Holle[/artist], [artist]WMRI[/artist], [artist]Erren Fleissig Schöttler Steffen[/artist], [artist]Exalot[/artist], [artist]Alien Nature[/artist], [artist]Nemesis[/artist], [artist]Mac of BIOnighT[/artist], [artist]Fred Yargui[/artist], [artist]Von Haulshoven[/artist], [artist]Andrey Klimkovsky[/artist], [artist]Sequential Dreams[/artist], [artist]Void[/artist], [artist]Michael Brückner[/artist], [artist]Tangram[/artist].
  • Hello friends! I'm Mike Winchester of [artist]WMRI[/artist]. I want to invite you to my recent reissues of two epic Berlin School EM albums from 2010. They were available only on CD, but now they are officially free for download as web-releases on our label [label]USC[/label]. Here's the links: [url=http://uscu.unitedstudios.ru/2013/11/wmri-source-of-universal-energy.html]The Source of Universal Energy[/url] | [url=http://uscu.unitedstudios.ru/2013/10/wmri-etherworlds.html]Etherworlds[/url].
  • Love this guys music. How come its free. Amazing.
  • You can still get his music at: http://www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=119&title=Jim+Kirkwood
  • I emailed him, and he's retired from music to pursue his Christian Faith, and has taken his website down for good, etc, etc. What we've got now is all we're getting.
  • Looks like his website is/was hosted on Apple's "me.com" and no longer functions. I hope he sets it back up soon. In a perfect world, his whole catalog would be up on Bandcamp in FLAC.
  • Wonderful and exciting sounds from a prolific and highly creative artist, what an excellent body of music this wizard of the keyboards has produced. Don't take my word for it............give him a good long listen. His music is dynamic, exciting and never fails to engage the listener and carry you away into his worlds of fantastic soundscapes. Happy listening.
  • Wow! What can i say: great music, berlin school for all Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze fans...
  • "Ishtar" from "The Dark Well Of Urdr" is brilliant symphonic EM !

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