• Layla...More Than Just Eric Clapton

    11 Dec 2005, 17:30 by chadwick011

    here is something i wrote a little while ago in my xanga, and i figured i'd throw it in here. Mind you my favorite musician is Eric Clapton. This is not to take any credit away from his remarkable career

    The song is one of the greatest rock songs of all time, without question. And Eric Clapton is, without a doubt, one of my favorite if not my favorite musician ever. However, the fame that he has recieved from this song i feel is a little undeserving. Yes, it was released as a single some years later by Clapton, to me a substantial part of the song should not be credited to him. First, the slide guitar solo before the piano insturmental is unbelievable. however, it was Duane Allman who played this, not Eric Clapton. Also, the piano coda tacked onto the end of Layla is one of the most beautiful pieces i have ever listened to in rock, as many people will agree. However, this was not the work of Clapton, rather it was the work of Jim Gordon