• Ruminations on Covers

    14 Jun 2008, 19:08 by igladaftin

    Ah, cover songs. I've listened to quite a few. And I still have trouble figuring out what makes for a great one, and what makes for a terrible one.

    I mean, everybody knows the story of All Along the Watchtower: All Along the Watchtower was so much the perfect cover that afterwards, Bob Dylan took to recovering the cover version.

    On the other hand, I'd be perfectly happy to never hear Sheryl Crow's adulteration of Sweet Child o' Mine again. And granted, I'd be perfectly happy to have never heard anything by Sheryl Crow, ever, since I can't stand anything she's ever sang, but 1) the world mostly agrees with me about that particular cover, and 2) I also feel that way about Madonna's desecration of American Pie, even though I like a lot of Madonna's early stuff. Speaking of which, the video for Like a Prayer was, in my opinion, the zenith for her in terms of looking sexy. I've seen YouTube videos of Rufio performing their cover of that song, and wouldn't in any way call them sexy. …
  • Friday Random Ten

    15 Jun 2007, 17:24 by lauramich

    1. Return of the Birds, Mediaeval Baebes

    Good, but my favorite track from Mirabilis is still Musa Venit Carmine. But I seem to be in a minority on that.

    2. Another Girl's Paradise, Tori Amos
    3. La Volta, Mediaeval Baebes
    4. Perfect Place, Voice of the Beehive

    When I was younger and much more idealistic, I thought this was my theme song.

    5. King of the Jailhouse, Aimee Mann
    6. I Kissed a Girl, Jill Sobule

    In my opinion, the two most popular tracks on Jill's eponymous album are the weakest. Still, I actually sang this one at karaoke once, to *cough* a favorable reception.

    7. Carbon, Tori Amos
    8. I'll Miss You Till I Meet You, Dar Williams
    9. Awful, Hole

    I used to love working out to this song. That was, of course, back when I worked out.

    10. You Could Make A Killing, Aimee Mann
  • Artists and songs I'm into because of Beavis & Butt-head

    6 Sep 2006, 04:18 by mikeroach113

    B&B have been one of my top fixations for the last several months, and I've been getting into alot of artists and/or songs I either never cared for in the past, or never knew about until now. This is what I know off the top of my head:

    King Missile
    The Cure
    The Dead Milkmen (though I had been curious about them ever since I first discovered their existance when I saw "Punk Rock Girl" on VH1 Classic in 2002, the episode where they watched "Smokin' Banana Peels" made me wanna buy "Beelzebubba" whenever I got the opportunity)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers (I had liked RHCP all this time, but the episode where they watched their video for "Show Me Your Soul", from the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack, kicked off an obsession I had with them for quite a while several weeks ago)
    7 Year Bitch (Selene Vigil should try posing for Maxim or something)

    Cut Your Hair
    Hello From the Gutter
    Funk dat
    Hole Hearted
    Breakin' Up
    Piss-Bottle Man
  • Guessing game!

    14 Jun 2006, 05:38 by strangelove88

    Put your media player on shuffle.
    Write the first lines of the first 30 songs that play.
    See if others can guess them.

    And don't you dare go cheating, biotches.

    1. If we can solve any problem/then why do we lose so many tears/Oh, so you go again/When the leading man appears

    Everytime You Go Away

    2. The things you do/Aren't good for my health/The moves you make/You make for yourself


    3. Dear sir or madam, would you read my book/It took me years to write, won't you take a look

    Paperback Writer

    4. We're miles away from nowhere/And the wind doesn't have a name/So call it what you want to call/It still blows down the lane

    Hold Back the Rain

    5. I get knocked down, but I get up again/You're never gonna keep me down


    6. When I think about you/I think about how much I/Miss you when you're not around

    I Miss You

    7. He's sinking faster than a drowning man/He'll grab ahold of anyone he can

    Drowning Man

  • My 2005 Mix CD

    19 Feb 2006, 02:05 by fling93

    This is also cross-posted on my blog (where I imagine it will probably be easier to read).

    I think there are three kinds of music listeners. There are people who just shuffle their entire CD collection, people who create tailor-made playlists for every kind of circumstance and occasion, and people who listen to Michael Bolton because they like his hair. I happen to fall into the first category. When I use Windows, I use an old Winamp weighted-shuffler plugin RoboDJ (alas, no longer being maintained, but it still works fine). Similarly, when I use Macs, I use smart playlists to create a Do-It-Yourself Smart Radio Station. And if it happens to be 4:20 (which seems to be fairly often for some reason), I generally turn on the G-Force visualization (although, now that I have a new PC that can handle it, I'm giving Milkdrop a try).

    Anyway, this was always reflected when I made mix CDs or tapes. I'd just pick a bunch of my favorite songs, mostly alternating the slow and fast ones to provide for a more shuffle-like variety. …
  • Best of 1995

    30 Nov 2005, 18:58 by snooble