• Flash Te Hira's top FIVE rap/hip-hop songs of all time!™

    27 Jun 2007, 10:40 by porouian

    I was thinking about this while driving home from the supermarket today. As you do. One of the songs on this list was playing, and as I mentally shuffled it into a rough top list of favourite songs, the idea for this journal was born.

    I grew up listening to rap music. When I first seriously got into music at the tender age of about nine or 10, I enjoyed pop and R&B mostly - typical pre-pubescent fare. A couple of years later, friends introduced me to a genre of music that would dominate my teenage years. I began listening to tapes of what was big at the time, including Naughty By Nature, Ice Cube, and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Lighter Shade Of Brown, Brotherhood Creed, and Positive K were on the radio. Kris Kross and Cypress Hill videos were on tv. I soaked it all up. As time wore on, I floated towards the West Coast style of rap that was prevalent on the scene during the mid-90's. As the millennium drew to a close, I became more infatuated with the styles of the Midwest. …