• #6 Jesu - Be free from the parochial mindset

    10 Aug 2007, 00:09 by PedroGhandi

    I've been listening to the Jesu's Discography, and at the ending i realised the
    power that music gave to the artists for i could perceive the changes in their life time.

    In this case, i've listened to Heart Ache (2004), Jesu (2005), Silver (2006) and ended with Conqueror (2007).

    The first album is amazing, chaotic strengths crumbleded to a near psychotic soundtrack. Consisting in 2 songs that extended each for 20 mins (+-)

    In Jesu the storm is slowly passing at large.

    Silver bought a new motion, but a cleaver one.

    With the first track, the homonym track, Silver, sort of came as expected: a drone doom song, with a perceptible golden touch from the genius behind Jesu.

    Star, on the other hand, sets the pace for a run, a run towards a new change in life, bringing me a awkward happiness.

    Then it drops all hopes with Wolves. The slow (not extreme-doom-slow) rhythms came as a reminder of the futility of life.
    I like how he questions morality. …