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Jessica Paige is an Australian singer songwriter who has won many local, national and international awards for her beautiful and moving songs.

Her debut album, "Once Upon a Time" has just been awarded 5 stars out of 5 with a glowing review:

"If charm were a sound, it would be Jessica Paige’s new album Once Upon A Time. Rich, haunting, well written, and full of beautiful moments, Jessica Paige’s latest offering will be a favorite of anyone who loves clever pop, fairy tales that mean something, and musical beauty. The music has a depth and melodic sensibility that will capture the listener’s heart and hold it for the entire length of the record. This is a concept album, and a well-done one at that.

The album starts out strong with “Never Land,” which has some haunting strings, with Jessica talking about the fabled Peter Pan landscape with wishful, poetic lyrics. “You left your window open/for Peter Pan to fly back/Yet the curtains of your childhood were closed.” Jessica manages to mix the pain and necessity of growing up with equal points of sorrow and beauty. The arrangement on this track is gorgeous, with a wonderful piano solo towards the end and heart-tugging strings fading in and out of the soundscape.

“Huckleberry Finn” is easily one of the best tracks of the album with its charming duet, and a wonderful bridge. “The future is unwritten/ships passing by, paper tigers in the night.” The melody is fantastic, Jessica’s voice is beautiful, and the affection is heart-felt. The chemistry between the Jessica and Josh is unmistakable. “Huckleberry Finn”, although full of indie sensibility and charmingly eclectic musicianship, will definitely see some radio time. A harp introduction ushers in “Little Fish,” a pretty track about adventure that climbs steadily to an electric guitar-driven climax.

“Grey” is another memorable track with a xylophone clinking through a wonderful story of a lover dealing with a bittersweet. “Give me your hand/tell me how you feel/I am not so cold, I am not so cold.” Romantic, but heartbreaking, “Grey” will be another fan favorite. “If it was good/the seven plagues couldn’t stop us/if it was good/it wouldn’t feel so wrong.” Jessica’s vocals soar through this track, and her songwriting is at its best. There is a beautiful reverb siren that swirls around the track, just for an instant, but will send chills down the listener’s spine.

“Teddy’s Song” is a nostalgic track about loving your favorite stuffed animal that feels like it belongs in the “Toy Story” series soundtrack, in a good way. Her teddy talks to the girl in the song, giving her advice and hoping that she doesn’t throw him away when she gets older. The track is softly and tenderly played and sung, and the piano track is stunning.

Other memorable tracks include “Dorothy,” where Jessica asks some questions about the familiar story we all know. “Is it too late now/what about Tin Man’s heart? ‘Cause home is very far.” It is a track full of wonderful word pictures and a playful violin swaying in and out of the background.

“Don’t Fly Too Long” has a beautiful organ fading in and out, and takes the listener on an emotional journey through the dangers of life. There are beautiful harmonies that Jessica adds to the chorus here, and give it an eerie, wonderful feel. Like several on this album, “Don’t Fly Too Long” is guaranteed to give the listener goosebumps.

Wonderful production values, powerful songwriting, and some amazing orchestral arrangements help this indie pop album to charm its way into the listener’s heart. There are times when the album could use another upbeat track or two to pick up the speed, but that doesn’t detract from the beauty and talented lyricism of Jessica Paige. “Once Upon A Time” will be listened to twice upon a time, thrice upon a time, and will probably make its way into many listeners’ repeat playlists. "
Let her know if you like her songs! Indie musicians appreciate the feedback :) www.jessicapaige.com

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