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  • Avatar for EcologicalLife
    사랑해요 I love you
  • Avatar for kali_ram
    beautiful sound!
  • Avatar for OnUrb_88
    If I Tried ♥
  • Avatar for OnUrb_88
    Not only a great singer, but an amazing songwriter! Her album is very underrated.
  • Avatar for yelow
  • Avatar for Brit_Pop
    This woman deserves so much more love.
  • Avatar for KeyWiz
    Альт кантри - Кантри, утяжеленный электрогитарой))))) Не плохо...
  • Avatar for Vickydeepsecret
    Letting go is one of the best songs I've ever heard. so fucking amazing !
  • Avatar for raphs_x
    Love Letter <3
  • Avatar for J5er
    Breakup Song <3
  • Avatar for Salonni
    A Woman Needs <3
  • Avatar for induldgecountry
    Follow That Train <3
  • Avatar for Keelo1027
    Love her album!
  • Avatar for RamiFede
    a woman needs is nice, but the wreckers rocks!
  • Avatar for Viccky
    BLM (LL
  • Avatar for alinepilger
    Letting Go <3 ²²²
  • Avatar for wma1999
    Though she's quitting singing, at least we've got two album of her as a recording artist. Let's hope she will be writing a lot of great songs sung by wonderful singers!
  • Avatar for jordiesk8erboi
    nope, she posted on her blog saying she was retiring from singing and creating her own music. She is turning to song writing full time now :/ the album is amazing though.
  • Avatar for KristarraSparks
    Jessica Harp isn't quitting or retiring she only quit The Wreckers but she will still sing in her own band. She's gonna keep on singing forever since she has a new album.
  • Avatar for Thierree2
    leaked new album <3
  • Avatar for jordiesk8erboi
    any ideas where i can get the album from the UK?
  • Avatar for induldgecountry
    I can't believe she retired =( Her album is PERFECTION! I will miss her beautiful twang so much...
  • Avatar for glamking
    She's quitting her recording career! :(
  • Avatar for J5er
    Her new video is cute! UGG May 11th? LAME!!! She needs to catch on!
  • Avatar for leap63
    Amazon now lists her CD "A Women Needs" to be released on May 11, 2010. *sigh*
  • Avatar for zorrozen
    No sé quién es esta chica, pero es absolutamente hermosa
  • Avatar for J5er
    A Woman Needs <3 Just bought it on iTunes, it's sooo good! The album will be incredible!
  • Avatar for leap63
    Amazon lists her CD "A Women Needs" to be released on February 16, 2010.
  • Avatar for Luis_MAG
    September, 22
  • Avatar for JustaMistake
    Does she have an album?
  • Avatar for Chris639
    In my opinion, What We Don' Say is the best song Jessica Harp has ever made.
  • Avatar for videotelefon
    Roses Are Red so fuckin great :>
  • Avatar for Kizna
    because of you, i will always go to memphis...
  • Avatar for chbstrm
  • Avatar for LazerFrr
    I want a solo album from her, right now! [3]
  • Avatar for ajemi
    I own her first solo album - Preface. So worth the money!
  • Avatar for divaman
    the video is real cute. sad the wreckers are over though.
  • Avatar for Javito14
    I want a solo album from her, right now! :D.(L)
  • Avatar for artseejodee
    I forgot to mention... I dig her voice!
  • Avatar for artseejodee
    Where is this chick from??? Where is it thaaaat tough to find a boy that likes drinking & booty???? Just curious...
  • Avatar for thisemptylife
    boy like me is amazin' <3
  • Avatar for raphaelvalente
    boy like me <3
  • Avatar for roqabella
    Pls vote for this pic:
  • Avatar for eysan76
    Biraz rusa benziyo ama harika besteleri ben sesi var
  • Avatar for xSharmayne
    She's good. I love Over Me =)
  • Avatar for Agent_Apples
    I was always a fan of the soloist Jessica Harp. I found out about her back in 2000 and became a huge fan of her. Then she met Michelle Branch and became The Wreckers. Sweet deal because I am a fan of both artists and their collaborations could only be brighter. :] I like Jess either way.
  • Avatar for jodlesnowdle
    Memphis is such a lovely song. The rest of her stuff isn't too great, Roses Are Red and Canyon to the sky are nice though.
  • Avatar for Jazz13
    she has a nice voice.

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