• Recent Purchases - End of April (Part 1)

    6 May 2007, 20:32 by Televiper

    Between the Open Ears festival, my regular rounds to the CD store, and stuff showing up in the mail I have quite the list of things to present.

    Melt-Banana - Bambis Dilemma

    The release of this one kind of caught me by surprise. Just happen to catch mention of it in the new release list on Brainwashed, and got it straight out of the box at the record store (pretty close to hot off the press). They didn't continue on with the elaborate approaches found in Cell-Scape not did they fall back to their noisier days on Teeny Shiny. It's more refined but no less hard hitting and funky.

    Barnyard Drama - [album artist=I'm a Navvy[/album]

    A highlight of this year's Open Ears festival in Kitchener for me. An experimental collective out of Toronto that mixes gospel, blues, and jazz in an improvisational setting, including improvisational vocals. Vocalist Christine Duncan brings the same kind of variety expected in guys like Phil Minton, and Paul Dutton. …