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  • Avatar for KeithJones
    RIP Jack Hammer, co-writer of Great Balls of Fire
  • Avatar for BennoTiger
  • Avatar for AntoineT999
    The original badass, some of the greatest music of the 20th century.
  • Avatar for sternenfee0
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    I have 3 songs of his on a rock 'n' roll box set I got years ago. I gotta get albums by him.
  • Avatar for menswear2112
    That guy has to be borderline syndrome or something
  • Avatar for metawirt
    [album artist=Jerry Lee Lewis]Live at the Star Club, Hamburg[/album] rulez!
  • Avatar for NilsHolgersson
    It's rock & roll time, people
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    holy shit the hamburg album is by far the best rocknroll I have ever heard
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    same here
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    I confess that I am shouting because of the current profile image.
  • Avatar for damnchick
    Piano king
  • Avatar for dianadesim
    one of the best rock n roll musicians. it is a shame his rocknroll career had to end like that...
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    а ведь трагическая фигура, раздираемая религиозностью (традиционной для рокабилльщиков и песенками про секс) пысы. кто не пойдет на конц в Москве - тот пидор
  • Avatar for blackmetalmagic
    True Rock 'n' Roll
  • Avatar for MetalFinder
    Отец! Узбекам не понять.
  • Avatar for LiberianLady
  • Avatar for xtekinhax
  • Avatar for CyberWarrior89
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Jerry Lee Lewis - Live At The Star-Club, Hamburg Germany/ April 5,1964 is one of the best live concerts ever. The Nashville Teens of "Tobacco Road" fame were JLL's backing band that night. It's definitely in my Top 5.
  • Avatar for dianadesim
    love him my favorite singer of ALL TIME
  • Avatar for jess_white
    he's too great
  • Avatar for dianadesim
    well back then i think dating young girls was pretty common. i thought marrying cousins was more of an 1800s thing though... let's just all forget about that.
  • Avatar for Antonio-Jr
    so good.
  • Avatar for Ton87
  • Avatar for Ton87
    Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, best live album ever.
  • Avatar for murmler3
    @TheDarkSide73: You seem to be a little obsessed with the 13 year old cousin..;-) But I agree totally: Elvis & Jerry Lee are Rock'n'Roll, as its best. Some others are, too. But Jerry Lee is the killer, and when I saw him live in 1981 he really deserved to be called that.
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    He married his 13 old year cousin which is very creepy but he is a great artist just the same...
  • Avatar for Nochek
    The Boss.
  • Avatar for rewixas
    Happy Birthday !
  • Avatar for Herky1975
    Great Jerry , go Lee Lewis, go lewis and shakin goin on. TOP !
  • Avatar for Ton87
    Everybody check out Live At The Star Club!!
  • Avatar for Tiagoyuppie
  • Avatar for cesarjavier1103
  • Avatar for Mr_Dew
    real screamer
  • Avatar for MrLucasRocker
    He's a killer, baby!
  • Avatar for Bastard1
    Nobody follows the Killer.
  • Avatar for Interzombie
    Awesome! [2]
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    He married his 13 year old cousin..I think if that happen today with one of todays singers people would frown upon it even more than 50 yrs ago..
  • Avatar for weirdostrango
    jerry, you wild, sexy, talented man!
  • Avatar for DELGARJO
    The best piano player ever!
  • Avatar for budavil1
    Hello boys! What is new?
  • Avatar for PoxKCT
    Aonde consigo a discogafia do Jerry Lee lewis? Where can the discogafia Jerry Lee Lewis?
  • Avatar for manukiz
  • Avatar for carapa811
  • Avatar for VargMark666
    The Killer. :P
  • Avatar for MarcyStooge
  • Avatar for okcesar
    Poseso de las teclas, rock and roll sin atavismos. Piano killer punk.
  • Avatar for PatrikVaz
  • Avatar for GreatFirstSound
    dance, dance!! ;)


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