• Ferrynesque

    1 Jun 2008, 06:56 by gdcosta

    It could be said that I have this crush on Bryan Ferry. There is this magical mystique and allure about him that I can't deny. There's also this magical biography, one in which ascends the ranks of musical iconoclasts until some magic 1978 day when he descends into the hell of schmaltz. This seems intrinsically tied to Jerry Hall leaving him, he entered the event horizon with Roxy Music and the playful "In Your Mind" and was cast out with the seemingly bitter "The Bride Laid Bare." From then on it was soulless city.

    I have always taken the Ferry story to be a lighthouse; I want to be Ferryesque in charm and wit, I want his spirit to guide me but I know that to approach too closely is to be dashed by rocks.

    Forgive me for my misogyny--I assumed his story to be that of a man broken, a man wrecked by the blue nexus of his time. It made his story make sense, it explained how Roxy Music evolved into Dylanesque. I guess I assume this because it is instinctive for me to transfer myself into the role of Ferry.