• Probably not "ape-tree"

    1 Mar 2007, 13:57 by RocketShipX41

    Coste Apetrea - Nyspolat (1977)

    How about some more obscure jazz rock from the northlands? Sweden this time. Right out of the gate, this one is very reminiscent of Chick Corea's My Spanish Heart on the not-very-Spanish titled "Ockhams rakhniv" (Occam's Razor). From that first track, you wouldn't really guess that leader Apetrea is a guitarist, since the keyboards (courtesy of Stefan Nilsson) are the dominant sound. The next track features some very nimble acoustic guitar, in a duet with piano. The playing reminds me in places of such varied players as Philip Catherine, Ralph Towner, and even a little bit of John McLaughlin. We're back to electric instruments on the third track, and again there's a bit of a Spanish flavor, or maybe a bit more Latin, as the rhythm is a kind of fast samba. There's plenty of invention in the chords and melodies, and it goes into a B section with shifting tempo that's quite odd. Maybe a touch of Gary Boyle here. …