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  • The Best...
  • since 25 years i listen only to electronic dance music. but jerry remains my all time favorite musician. guitar+voice and much much feeling
  • Jerry-Bear! We miss you!
  • Jerry regarde!!! Une étoile porte ton nom!!
  • Senior? Really? Cats out under the staa-aaars :)
  • such a musical genius...listen to his self-entitled album "Garcia" - it's incredible.
  • Love it !!!
  • Hello, so good music in here ,have a look on my page too... Grimpresle
  • jerry es el hombre mas chingon. fuck yesss
  • The most important artist in my life. Much love.
  • its so beautiful I cry
  • Up Jerry!
  • always good. as it should.
  • The fat man rocks!
  • Much love for Jerry
  • Wow, im suprised that its empty to. God I love his music.
  • can't believe jerry's shoutbox is empty. i love you jerry. miss you buddy.


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