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Jerome LOL is an American electronic music producer based in Los Angeles. Jerome LOL, née Jerome Potter, first was recognized playing with sound and image on Tumblr as a curator, remixer, and collagist. These three terms are all in the same family of art-making, relying as they do on primary source artistic material—sometimes to make something new, sometimes to reveal hidden characteristics in an original work. But there’s an important distinction to be made between curating, remixing, and creating collages, and it is in moving along the spectrum that Potter has found his voice, as exemplified beautifully on the new EP Deleted/Fool.

Jerome LOL has been identified as a representative of the Seapunk movement, a well-documented combination of 90s fashion, internet 1.0 imagery, early aughts R&B, and house music. Two years ago, Seapunk (a style with which Potter has repeatedly said he never personally associated) was visible enough to gain recognition from The New York Times and The Guardian, if only so they could greet the movement with a kind of “look what the internet has belched up” bemusement. One of the early things that set Potter apart was his refusal to give in to the knee-jerk outrage that so often accompanies the mainstream’s swift co-opting of any happening subculture. Instead, he spoke intelligently about the creative intention behind his art, using an incident in which Rihanna was said to have stolen his aesthetic as a platform to introduce his music to a wider audience.

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