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There is more than one artist using this name:

1) Jeremiah Jermaine Paul became known as a background vocalist of Alicia Keys. He featured on the #1 smash hit, grammy nominated duet “Diary”.
He also, as the lead singer of 1Accord, recorded a song that appeared on the movie soundtrack Bootycall featuring Jamie Fox.

Determined to reach his dreams, he than begin crafting his writing skills and producing songs of his own. At 22, Jermaine joined a live band named FOCUS and reeked havoc on the showcase circuit in the ti-state area.

In all efforts to be a solo act, with the support of his band FOCUS, Jermaine is determined to capture the crown of R/B with a his mellow tenor, powerful high natural, soothing falsetto, the ability to play live instruments, write and produce his own music with timeless lyrics.

Jermaine was the winner of the second season of the NBC show The Voice in 2012, earning a recording contract with Universal Republic records.

2) Jermaine Paul started his music career in days when silky smooth garage consisted of deep underlying soulful bass lines with catchy melodies. This inspired him to learn to Dj.
He learned about mixing music genres and the ins and outs of music in its beautiful art form.

During the late 90s Jermaine then moved onto producing music from his home studio, This is where he found his true form of expression.

While producing and Dj'ing Jermaine started to write songs and began circulating the mc'ing circuit in London. He started performing at various well known events with other established mcs and djs within London.

Jermaine has studied all forms of Art from Fine Art to Architecture. This has influenced his music and made it into a true art form.

Earlier this year Jermaine was featured on a BBC T.V programme called Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle. He trekked for two weeks across the Himalayas, its experiences like this that add to the layers of inspiration behind his talented song writing skills.

His genre of music is a form of free flowing lyrics with natural melodies. His music is the tool to express the roller coaster of life that we all can relate to.

The artists that inspire him stretch across the whole spectrum from indie, jazz, house and garage to hip pop and today’s urban scene. Jermaine makes music to release what's going on inside him and that's what creates his sound.




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