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There are multiple artists with this name:
1) Jeremy is an alternative rock band from Aachen, Germany
2) Jeremy is Jeremy Morris. Jeremy has released many, many power pop albums. Jeremy also runs a record label called Jam Recordings.
3) Jeremy is a progressive metal/hard rock band from South Korea that formed in 1996.
4) Jeremy is an alternative rock band from Brazil that formed in 2004. They have changed their name to Cacos.
5) Jeremy is an alias of early hardcore deejay dr. Phil Omanski
6) Jeremy is the host of the LinuxQuestions.org podcast.
7) Jeremy is a folk pop band from Norway.
8) Jeremy is Jeremy Edwards. This is piano- or guitar-based alternative pop-rock with a decidedly quirky twist.
9) Jeremy is one of the nicknames of German deep house artist The Timewriter.
10) Jeremy is an alternative rock trio from Kavarna, Bulgaria.
[b11) Jeremy is a character from a korean drama named You're Beautiful and is the drummer of A.N.Jell


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