• Sandman was there, I swear

    11 Nov 2011, 23:49 by carlos_russell

    Wed 9 Nov – The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band
    "Wow", that's all I could mutter after leaving the ND Ateneo, the indie venue in Buenos Aires where the former Morphine members gathered a packed legion of followers. Morphine sounds like Morphine, and that's a fact. Another fact - Jeremy Lyons is no Mark Sandman, as a two-string slide bass player, a singer or a stage presence. Dana Colley has to take charge of the banter with the audience, and does a good job, invoking the spirit of Sandman, promising a job to an unemployed audience member, and playing his baritone sax like it was a lead guitar - effect pedals included! The rhythm section was something else. Conjuring both Jerome Dupree as a main drummer, and Bill Conway as a percussionist was an inspired move. Dupree is a gifted drummer, much more accomplished as a performer than Conway, and the engine behind the vibe of their live performances. However, the combination of percussion and drums…