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Added by palespectre on 26 Jul 2006
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  • badoom_bum

    you are our Jens.

    30 Oct 2008 Reply
  • guitarsecretary


    27 Oct 2008 Reply
  • guitarsecretary

    Sometimes people tell me "I remember when I was young and stupid and we listened to Black Cab all night, and I remember all the dreams I had back then, they were so bold and pretty. And now I'm old and I have a wife and kids and all my dreams are dead. But I still remember back in the days when we listened to Mapleleaves and dreamed of a future so bright" ... Jesus, I wrote those songs four years ago, do people really grow old that fast these days? And sometimes people write to me and say "My life is so miserable , I don't dare to believe in a future because I think it's just going downhill from here..." . I made this T-shirt for you guys. Just wear it this year get off the internet start believing, forget about me for a little while. Then you can grow old, the shirt will grow old too, the '2006' print will be washed out, barely visible. And then in 2009 (every fourth year is a bad one, I've learned that) you can pick it up again remember me call me up and I'll sing your troubles away.

    27 Oct 2008 Reply
  • noodlemantra1

    ummmm a big fat YES to this picture. <3

    25 Oct 2008 Reply