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  • Avatar for noisybishop
    A retrospective of Rabbit Fur Coat.
  • Avatar for thatboyrion
    Vote up, please:
  • Avatar for Unknowingly
    I agree, @vincentcoia! I want a new Jenny + Watson Twins rec.
  • Avatar for vincentcoia
    Such a great album, I wish Jenny would record again with the Watson Twins.
  • Avatar for lewiskendell
    Jenny Lewis w/the Watson Twins ≈ Rilo Kiley > Jenny Lewis > Jenny & Johnny
  • Avatar for Aoumslam
    why haven't I listened to you since high school... I must be fucked!
  • Avatar for semionato
    still amazing after 6 years.
  • Avatar for born2bweil
    It was not pretty, but she was...not...your...wife!
  • Avatar for BearsandLions
    i bought rabbit fur coat when it came out and i havent looked back:D
  • Avatar for RottenBerry
    ...someone needs to learn to count.[4]
  • Avatar for mad_grinder
    ...someone needs to learn to count.[2]
  • Avatar for crownanchor
  • Avatar for UnRagazzoAdam
    Jenny na Popvictims:
  • Avatar for cavabien
  • Avatar for cordonna
    ...someone needs to learn to count.
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [10]
  • Avatar for Matthewof1979
    I agree.
  • Avatar for CND380sec
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [7]
  • Avatar for VirginiaWoolf80
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [6]
  • Avatar for brightesthair
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [5]
  • Avatar for Bubimann
    You Are What You Love<3
  • Avatar for ephemerau
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [4]
  • Avatar for prince-paradox
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [3]
  • Avatar for _Marinaaa
    It wasn't me... I wasn't there!
  • Avatar for beckybartkowski
    So pumped for the Court Yard Hounds album. Anyone else heard of 'em?
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    The Big Guns is amazing
  • Avatar for lastfm_junkie
    god i wish i was man enough to have sex with you x
  • Avatar for Poprocksz
  • Avatar for gotlovetokill
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together! [2]!
  • Avatar for MightyHalfling
    I'd seen them live in Paris in 2006 :-) She's so sweet!!! The venue was small and she managed to turn it into an intimate night with friends! Of course I bought the album after that! Brilliant!
  • Avatar for kaipaan
    oh how i wish they'd do another album together :C
  • Avatar for danydaniella
  • Avatar for beckybartkowski
    If you're into the more country rock stuff, check out this video:
  • Avatar for hitthisss
    i met her! :) even though i didnt really say anything because i was completely in shock. i'm in love.
  • Avatar for ianianianbitch
    ummm, acid tongue is amazing in it's own right. both albums are fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for tidalwave_
    I agree. Rabbit Fur Coat is absolutely impeccable. Acid Tongue has some great songs, but Jenny's voice is so beautiful on RFC, it makes me want to cry.
  • Avatar for SAMASSACRE
    :) please listen
  • Avatar for fei85
    aww come on why isn't there an option on lastfm to merge automatically, after a number of requests, two song? we have at least THREE different spelling of rise up with fists, not counting the ones sang by "jenny lewis" without the watson twins in the artist field. i'm such an order maniac, i know.
  • Avatar for whitecollarboy_
    I've realized how perfect this one-off was now, after years of disliking them and then finally liking them. I've come to love the collab, and wish Acid Tongue would have lived up to it.
  • Avatar for maffuuuuu
    playing this on spotify scrobbles as jenny lewis. no fair.
  • Avatar for lisosaur
  • Avatar for honeyhoneybabe
  • Avatar for Jenna-ana
    Me too. I forgot how much i love RFC.
  • Avatar for geminijake
    I hope they do another album together
  • Avatar for milastarr
    The Big Guns
  • Avatar for tuod
    "The Big Guns" or just "Big Guns"?
  • Avatar for KingSteven16
  • Avatar for RhileeRulez
    you can't merge jenny lewis with the watson twins and jenny lewis...they are two different things... Just like Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks can't be mixed with Stephen Malkmus and the Billy Bragg & Wilco can't be mixed with either of the individual names... it chart integrity :)
  • Avatar for davidmsy
    I hope this is merged with Jenny Lewis, it's become confusing. :/
  • Avatar for KILLAmeggy
    I listen to this album over and over and over and over.


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