• Ghost On Summer 2007

    7 Feb 2008, 15:23 by helikoppter

    Most of you probably know this already, but in addition to being a sucker for k-indie, I'm a sucker for covers. That's why as soon as I stumbled upon Siren Entertainment's Ghost On Summer 2007: Hit Remake Parade!, that combines the two, I decided to buy it.

    Already before I could listen to the album, I got a very good impression. The booklet actually states which the original artists are (I wish all labels would do this!) and there's a line up list and picture for every participating band - very nice especially since this was my first encounter with some of these bands. As for the actual contributions, I'm afraid I'm not as impressed.

    01. Kim Se Hwang (previously guitarist of N.EX.T): 여행을 떠나요
    Despite being something of a Cho Yong Pil fan, I'm afraid I have only heard this particular song as performed on the 35th Anniversary Live Concert DVD (lovely DVD set, btw) and thus do not know how true this cover is to the album version of 1985. …
  • The Best Concerts of 2007

    26 Jan 2008, 14:47 by helikoppter

    Yes, as 2008 begun not too long ago I feel like I should write something about my favorite releases of 2007. Unfortunately, I'm afraid, I have no idea when I would be able to compile such a list. It's been known for a while that I buy too many CDs, and with some changes in my listening habits I no longer have time to actually listen to them all; I'd estimate there are at least 30 unlistened albums from 2007 waiting for me...

    If you wish to know which Korean albums I liked the most, you can visit London Korean Links (the albums of Donawhale, Jelly Boy and MoT were released last year). In the same article I wrote about my very favorite song of 2007, Tearliner's 함께라면. My favorite Swedish album of 2007 is probably Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words' Fall, fall, falling... - I love falling asleep to July 12th 2005. Other than that I'm afraid I don't really know.

    What I do know, however, is which were the most memorable concerts I attended in 2007. I've written about them all before, so it's just a matter of reminiscing:
  • The Best Korean Albums 2006.10-2007.09

    10 Dec 2007, 12:43 by helikoppter

    As one of London Korean Links' "music experts", I was asked to put forward what I thought were the best Korean albums released between October 1 2006 and September 30 2007. The result was posted today, here.

    The bands whose albums get the honor are:
    adultchild (B TL B TL)
    Bluedawn (When Spring Comes)
    Donawhale (donawhale, review yet to be written)
    Hollow Jan (Rought Draft in Process)
    Jelly Boy (They Dream Daydream Everyday, review yet to be written)
    MoT (Strange Season, review yet to be written)
    Same Old Story (Same Old Story).
    And there's a special mention of Tearliner's 함께라면 ^^
  • Birdy Bitz Alien - Tomorrow

    3 Dec 2007, 17:01 by helikoppter

    I assume that most Korean music fans at one time or another have been frustrated about the digital singles phenomenon - how are you supposed to support your favorite artists by purchasing their releases when those are only available to Koreans? About three weeks ago I learnt of the existence of Birdy Bitz Alien - Jelly Boy's "space travel project" - as the first single, Tomorrow, was released. Since I have come to appreciate the works of Jelly Boy a lot the past year of course I wanted it and of course I was frustrated to find that it was a digital release. About a week ago, when Birdy Bitz Alien's label, Ruby Salon, had updated their site with this particular release, I promptly sent them an email asking if it was possible for me as a foreigner to buy this release directly from them. I got a reply the next morning - with the single attached. Very very nice, Ruby Salon! I was told to let this music be known to people around me and with such a nice gesture from their part of course I will do what I can.
  • Close Your Eyes and Listen (An Album Review)

    3 Oct 2007, 08:01 by jennyukari

    The following review was written on Monday, August 06, 2007 about an album that was release on May 20, 2007.

    When I first laid my ears on this album, all I could think was, "what loveliness!"

    Indie bands often fall into the trap of blandness when they take themselves too seriously. I have little patience when it comes to dull tunes. Thankfully, I found no such problem with Donawhale's debut album. Their music is light, dreamy, and slightly eccentric without ever dipping over into the 'boring' category.

    The album opens with 'Close Your Eyes,' putting me on an otherworldly high. The gentle female vocals seem to echo from a distance creating a dreamlike ambiance. The second track, 'Hole' starts off slowly but the song escalates and spreads in volume with it's expertly controlled drumming. It's a bit noisier with the heavy drumming and clashing cymbals, but like all their songs, it still maintains a dreamy lightness to it.
  • Siamese Flowers: The Story of Pastel & Robot!

    14 Oct 2006, 11:45 by helikoppter

    It was about a year ago that this guy on UK label Robot! Records thought it would be a cool thing to do something together with Korean label Pastel Music. Towards the end of 2005 a joint project took off and early 2006 they were done. The result: Siamese Flowers. The UK version should be out soon, but I already got the Korean version which was released this summer ^^

    Two songs from four artists from each label are featured on here. From Pastel, Oldfish, Tearliner, Misty Blue and Jelly Boy participate - all with songs from their first albums so nothing new there (except for a couple of English titles). Robot! paricipates with Former Miss America, Tuco, Greenwich Resident and Loufu - all artists I hadn't even heard of before finding this album. I might like just about every artist from Pastel, but I do think some of the other music they distribute isn't all that great. Still, I did not hesitate to get this because there is also a bonus CD.