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  • Avatar for Szafira12
    One of the greatest albums of the 60s! [4] Masterpiece.
  • Avatar for VenusTheMermaid
  • Avatar for pteronophobic
    Great album, but I don't think they could make an album better than Volunteers. Also, this track listing is all effed up.
  • Avatar for IgIanBarrett
    Surrealistic Pillow один из величайших альбомов всех времен, достойный стоять рядом с Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band и Exile on Main St.
  • Avatar for Gaffes
    Great record... But to me it doesn't hold a comparison with Volunteers.
  • Avatar for lecinema87
    After Bathing At Baxter's is better...
  • Avatar for beli3ver
    One of the greatest albums of the 60s! [3]
  • Avatar for Alan_Cieslar
    One of the greatest albums of the 60s! [2] I love the feel, the atmosphere that this album creates.
  • Avatar for RSt123
    The track list is a great mess
  • Avatar for JaredMackie
    I agree this and volunteers are the best two albums.
  • Avatar for SBrewski
    shut up.[2]
  • Avatar for rotting_schntzl
    shut up.
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    It's not a bad album, but it disappointed me because I expected something more from the band that plays Somebody to Love and White Rabbit :P
  • Avatar for Drazba
    i think their best i might add-volunteers is great in places though
  • Avatar for Drazba
    have this on vinyl from-early 70's -a really great album
  • Avatar for silverlage
    Vinyl is the best way to listen but for now I am lazy. t7b
  • Avatar for nikidragojevic2
    One of the greatest albums of the 60s!
  • Avatar for Volticia
    Love the whole album. Perfect!
  • Avatar for Green_Wire
    This is just a stamp.... a branding.. or a tattoo near my heart.
  • Avatar for shadesdrawn
    This album is so good.
  • Avatar for enfysmwng
    This is perfect!
  • Avatar for Amelieful
    Qué desorden en los temas. ¡Auxilio!
  • Avatar for lesliedahlink
    It took me a few years to get into this album, but I now love it. Beautiful.
  • Avatar for Nayr_
    I didn't think it necessary to distinguish between mono and stereo in the song title.
  • Avatar for Rmwbauer
    So uhhh.. someone messed up the track listing...
  • Avatar for GuCio_
    the best
  • Avatar for Miss-Pussybow
    WUAH ! GREAT!!! love love love ....
  • Avatar for le_dzedaj
    Atmosphere-it : Man, can you listen to yourself? EVERY TRACK on this album IS a masterpiece. Take another listen to "Coming Back To You", "Embryonic Journey", "How Do You Feel", "She Has Funny Cars", "Plastic Fantastic Lover" and other and you'll realize you were wrong.
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    If every song was as good as "Somebody To Love", "Today", and "White Rabbit", this would be a masterpiece.
  • Avatar for EveGenius
    Yeah! I've got this album on LP!
  • Avatar for kida08
    I was seriously tempted to lift the vinyl copy of this my ex-gf from last summer owned.
  • Avatar for imyourman
    Fuck sake get the list right, classic album but last fm screws it
  • Avatar for jenisx
  • Avatar for guitar_gangster
    What a crappy track-list? [2] seriously wtf
  • Avatar for NakkyNapoo
    White Rabbit - mmm..
  • Avatar for moamen_hassan
    Just GreaT !! ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for son_of_a_beach
    Psychedelic bible of the 60's.
  • Avatar for theresawayout
    fast climbing to the top of my favorite albums list
  • Avatar for Who_Scared_You
  • Avatar for Drazba
    have this on vinyl from along time ago -the two big hits are great but the rest of the album is also worthy- a nice folk rock album from the 60's. great stuff
  • Avatar for st9ler
    38 tracks?!
  • Avatar for jojowas
    A truly enjoyable album, I am not too fond of "My best friend" though.
  • Avatar for davidsakh
    this is an excellent album.
  • Avatar for Ackibear
    So, what's going on with this album?!
  • Avatar for dominic_john
    ok i have listened to this album a lot more and this is now in my top 10, maybe with a few more listens top 5. so glad i bought it. the bonus tracks are wonderful.
  • Avatar for dominic_john
    i need to listen to this album a lot more. i always enjoy it when i put it on my cd but i really should listen to it a lot more.
  • Avatar for Jealousheart
    один из лучших альбомов 60х
  • Avatar for Kriss-13
    One of fairest album in history
  • Avatar for hangingonadream
    what a sensitive, quality piece of music!
  • Avatar for MJEpp
    PLUS! Best album title EVER! XD Surrealistic pillow.. don't you just wish you came up with that?! :)


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