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Welcome to the artist page for “ Jeff Sabarese ”. We encourage you to download the latest addition to the Last.FM catalog for this artist: a 19-track compilation album, “The Previous Life…”, available under Albums (see Artist menu, at left. click "Albums"). The complete track list is properly indicated on the Album page, only (please see the "Description", or Wiki page for that Album, and modify your download accordingly). Thank you! -JS

Please NOTE: The Album, “The Previous Life…”, is a compilation of Various Artists– perhaps better thought of as a ‘Best Of ’ album release, where the Artist NAME is NOT “Jeff Sabarese” (in 18 of the 19 tracks therein). Instead, the ARTIST NAME should be rewritten as the name of the band, where Sabarese is the lead-guitarist (or only guitarist) featured on the track. Additionally, the original music available here, credited to the ensemble /E-nation/ was produced by JS in a basement studio-- which, actually, doesn't sound too awful-- considering very little outboard gear was available. Software used there was Sonic Foundry/ Sony pro-aud/vid multi-tracking (e.g. Vegas, Acid Pro, Sound Forge, etc.)

For more of Sabarese, try Yooo Tuub (whatever: you know, the Google-owned catastrophe?)
Try searching "E-Nation EOT Misery", or "sona birdsong". other titles fall into place. you know G-analytics. Tracking cookies, etc. They get you; the got you: good?

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