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  • Avatar for jahlive905
    i've heard better...
  • Avatar for fujishironageki
    i love him
  • Avatar for sodomywithsaws
    can't wait to see him in march! so stoaked
  • Avatar for WinstonBurgh
    This song strikes me like its the first time I've heard it, every time I listen to it.
  • Avatar for BobRozga
    for i am an injun and i'm holding on.
  • Avatar for suzylee909
  • Avatar for roronoa88
    Syd Barrett Jeff Mangum we need more like you :(
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    one of his best songs
  • Avatar for aethertrebs
    Yeah, Where the F@%$ is jeff mangum when you need him?
  • Avatar for BleachandGum
    this song makes me sink, i love it!
  • Avatar for jzellers21
    Where the F@%$ is jeff mangum when you need him
  • Avatar for Plaumtothashizz
    of course Mangum's lyrics are on par with Dylan's. better, even.
  • Avatar for heathfan14
    This man is an utter genius.
  • Avatar for NotSoVelvet
    They don't write songs with lyrics like this anymore.
  • Avatar for Georkles
    dont talk down on your life, the end it´s all you got
  • Avatar for sarajbirns
    all his songs make me cry too. i dont know why but his songs show me more of a depth to our small unimportant lives
  • Avatar for ThereIsNoDream
    This song makes me cry, its so beautiful.
  • Avatar for young-pilgrim
    too good.
  • Avatar for cuyertle
    prefer the recording which i think was at piccadilly (?) over the 'live at jittery joes' recording
  • Avatar for tudujoia
    i think this guy's lyrics might be on par with bob dylan. and i don't just say that...
  • Avatar for petwhistles
    yeah the baby rocks :D
  • Avatar for kidnapjesus
  • Avatar for somnambulation
    @ the person who said 'fucking baby..' ....jeff had the baby there as an extra instrument. he wanted it to make noise.
  • Avatar for fearfeasog
    mmmmm, milky milkings!
  • Avatar for ASlightWeez
    best song by him or NMH ever.
  • Avatar for dylan05
  • Avatar for dylan05
  • Avatar for Subtle_Darkness
    His music promotes a sweet sense of nostalgia
  • Avatar for LinzCrg
    Fucking baby....
  • Avatar for easybakecoven
    Damn... Is there anything better than hearing Jeff Mangum in the morning?
  • Avatar for nilchameleons
    The few strums of Oh Comely get me so hopeful every time this song comes up. :(
  • Avatar for tonksindisguise
    I am madly in love with Jeff Mangum.
  • Avatar for imbissdoener23
    such a great song! i love the lyrics and the melody reminds me so much of my oldest brother back in the day but i'm not sure why, can't quite put my finger on it...

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