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  • makethemdieslow

    Amazing. It's tbe best of what I loved about Nevermore (the solos) without the filler (Warrel Dane).

    July 2012
  • YescaMescal

    I love his playing, I just happen to think his tone is a bit too something... he must use active pickups. Amazing song and album, as well as amazing musician!

    June 2012
  • traptin85

    pretty cool stuff

    May 2012
  • brettlayton

    HOLY SHIT! I just metal-gasmed in my pants...

    October 2011
  • lunamoth82

    damn. \m/

    June 2011
  • metzgervm

    These solos just mindfucked me. (3)

    June 2011
  • Bruneti12

    These solos just mindfucked me. (2) I'd need a huge amount of bad words to express my feelings right now. Jeff = God's God

    May 2011
  • GraveReaper

    hmmmm good

    April 2011
  • JohnLithium

    Tied for the best solo on the album. :D

    September 2010
  • FreezingMoon999


    August 2010
  • Bruneti12

    Awesome work right there! I loved the drums

    July 2010
  • grabbinpillsyo

    I could listen to this all day long

    April 2010
  • Teh0Wolf0Man

    Jesus Christ. I don't even like Nevermore, but Jeff is just too damned good to put down by any measure.

    April 2010
  • medicatednation

    Jeff Loomis:so good,that he doesnt have to be dead to pay tribute

    March 2010
  • hippietim

    phucking A wow! Timothy :o)

    March 2010

    not bad at all fuckin intense

    January 2010
  • Sonster

    Ridiculous shredding.

    November 2009
  • dianashamilton

    Interesting Bach-type riffs scattered in here.

    June 2009
  • YoungMordecai

    Jeff Loomis is my favorite guitarist.

    May 2009
  • thematt202

    Never heard guitar virtuoso style stuff quite like this. Like one big Nevermore guitar solo!!

    March 2009
  • what_goes_up

    kinda sick. I like it.

    January 2009
  • duplikator

    great album, jeff should have started with his solo project earlier ;)

    January 2009
  • Delirium-Cordia

    The opening riff kind of reminds me of "I, Voyager"

    October 2008