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  • Avatar for Gavrich
    Coldplay можно зарыть в яму после Бакли...
  • Avatar for tams79
    perfect pace & tune.
  • Avatar for tams79
  • Avatar for jeanlove23
    i just love it. i wish i met him.
  • Avatar for CommetBoxJunky
    Reminds me of [artist]Radiohead[/artist].
  • Avatar for Wesbecher
    Timeless - clearly Buckley has stood the test of time. RIP man
  • Avatar for TaTeVer
    I love you.. I'm afraid to love you...Ilove YOU....
  • Avatar for paris1251
  • Avatar for tarpeia
    that goes under the skin!
  • Avatar for SWEENEYTODD69
    =) nice
  • Avatar for wargrave
    Amazing song. I love his original chord changes and his voice
  • Avatar for mone_
    Magic track...
  • Avatar for boozec
    That's was so real...
  • Avatar for Chives42
    so fucking real
  • Avatar for bariserdogan
    that was f.cking so real......
  • Avatar for aCoZz
  • Avatar for RODRUIL
    you were the best real thing I ever had
  • Avatar for trouble_ek
    I'm afraid...
  • Avatar for PaintTheDayTime
    irresistable mad longing shudder
  • Avatar for Stramoniac
    Sad boy. I think I'll never get enough of this song... So beautiful, just like his voice.
  • Avatar for gudrun84
    the best song ever
  • Avatar for suBliminalien
    "if i could sing like this i would never talk again" hahaha, chrisj87 you're right...
  • Avatar for wodkaflamingo
  • Avatar for Ritsukakn
  • Avatar for Ynarmousiest
  • Avatar for ynniv
    This makes me "so feel" every time I hear it... Love it...
  • Avatar for organicdigital
    He's been my favourite since I was 15... amazing musician, amazing poet, amazing everything
  • Avatar for NQbi
    like be driven and fooled in unattainable, eerie dreams.
  • Avatar for FelipeLeonardo
    Great song.
  • Avatar for Autodefiance
    One of the greatest artist of our time, or any time. Amazing. Jeff was a huge influence on me as an artist.
  • Avatar for symphony85
    so full of moments it defies time
  • Avatar for lossless777
  • Avatar for guyphenix
    Oh /this/ is so real!
  • Avatar for FrankKleijn
    Hard to imagine him still here...
  • Avatar for JCBobby
    Best ever.
  • Avatar for kaleidoscope09
    Every single time I hear this song, I feel this strange connection to it. Jeff was an amazing artist and his voice you can't compare to anyone.
  • Avatar for RedtubbyCat
  • Avatar for chrisj87
    if i could sing like this i would never talk again
  • Avatar for vendramini87
    The nightmare that sucked me in and pulled me under.
  • Avatar for cellandromae
    so real!
  • Avatar for mistakepageant
    this song is so bad ass.
  • Avatar for void__
    that noise was nicely unexpected :)
  • Avatar for TaTeVer
    he is incomparable!
  • Avatar for be_my_friend
    And I couldnt awake from the nightmare that sucked me in and pulled me under.
  • Avatar for yourhero34
    What a fucking amazing piece of music, wonderful song.
  • Avatar for papaciango
    HI JEFF!! : )
  • Avatar for electrikalstorm
    for the one who said you can hear influences of Coldplay in this song.. man, this band didnt even exist when Jeff composed this. guess who copied whom. btw, if you want to compare, Radiohead is the name. anyway, Jeff is Jeff, incomparable.
  • Avatar for MichelaGiandon
    being kidnapped by Buckley's dangerous mind
  • Avatar for daneeeh
    I can't believe we use this space to discuss something as mediocre as Coldplay, let this space be used in memory of the Great Buckley
  • Avatar for WetSand08
    Mmm, the scream at the end is amazing. Oh and I really don't think Coldplay ever sound anything like this song, I can understand the comparisons, but with So Real? Really?


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