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  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    That one line about waves though.
  • Avatar for EliasOE
    Nirvana? Reminds me more of Muse.
  • Avatar for Camillanobre
    Que achado!!
  • Avatar for JimmyAndMe
    heheh, be careful what you wish for kirokage :P
  • Avatar for kirokage
    I like this song, but damn give me a different Jeff Buckley song Last Fm.
  • Avatar for kirokage
    About time I got some more Jeff Buckley on my station.
  • Avatar for fank19
    The start reminds me of Nirvana. [2]
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    yeah. which came first? Nirvana's 'Nevermind' or Jeff Buckley? interesting...
  • Avatar for liquidnature
    come as you areeee
  • Avatar for JimmyAndMe
    The start reminds me of Nirvana.
  • Avatar for soldier_jane
    hinsanely good! love it. miss u jeff
  • Avatar for obscurecendo
    he sort of predicted his death
  • Avatar for prominence_la
  • Avatar for darkodeath
    Rest in peace Jeff, i feel so sorry for you...
  • Avatar for leofaig
    Ironic name. Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Seberinoid
    An amazin track all round (though i must admit I have NO idea why this is playing on the "micro house" tag radio?). Still, a happy mistake :)
  • Avatar for it_ends
    you know damn well where you'll go
  • Avatar for MrMorizon
    Badass, that's what it is.
  • Avatar for rozzav88
    "Stay with me under these waves tonight, be free for once in your life, tonight" Hmmm
  • Avatar for Snooz
    One of his more straight forward songs but still has lots of cool details. I'm back at listening to JB again, this will make me somewhat sad for days.
  • Avatar for andyer2
  • Avatar for lastfmkvndnbrnd
    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  • Avatar for tams79
  • Avatar for VintageBabydoll
    ... stay with me under these waves tonight ...
  • Avatar for MiasmaGardens
    You know damn well where you'll go!
  • Avatar for SpikeyBerry
    I never knew Katatonia's version was a cover either! This is such a great song
  • Avatar for HeimaFannkoma
    So freaking amazing.
  • Avatar for max_loves_music
    This one is my favourite!
  • Avatar for ForeverBuckley
    Another amazing song by Jeff <3
  • Avatar for AnnaleeNoir
    Ironic song.... I love this, my favorite Jeff Buckley song.
  • Avatar for Bayou16
    the tittle is ironic, i miss u jeff
  • Avatar for MadameAutopsie
    my personal favourite.
  • Avatar for Leonod
    One of his best, probably my favourite.
  • Avatar for serenamatthews
  • Avatar for cobainnotdead
    Great Jeff
  • Avatar for vigilantee
    first song i'm hearing from this buckley guy... so far i'm liking it.
  • Avatar for johnmacward
    I love the move into the verse. It just works.
  • Avatar for adspeed
    it's pulling me underrr....
  • Avatar for andresmorillo
  • Avatar for voodue
  • Avatar for Snooz
    The king midas of music composition, imo
  • Avatar for cosworth_dfv
  • Avatar for arcaneaether
    Such a great song.
  • Avatar for Mega_Wuste
  • Avatar for thatssoveryme
    Haunting. Drowning. Love it.
  • Avatar for rsmerz
    There's not a single song of his that I don't like. R.I.P.
  • Avatar for bexestabueno
    the most amazing song. <3
  • Avatar for Evil_Meow
  • Avatar for popcor
    It's like open invisible guest
  • Avatar for jedisocks


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