• Musical history, part 1

    7 Jan 2006, 21:38 by tonique

    Part 1 (the vinyl years, until about 1995)

    After we bought a record player (in 1981, if I recall correctly), I could listen to my mother's records (some bought decades ago in Germany) and such that she slowly thereafter purchased. There were
    *Johann Sebastian Bach with Brandenburg Concertos
    *Antonio Vivaldi (the Four Seasons). From these I got my love for baroque
    *Nena -- I listened to the whole album, not just 99 Luftballons, and I remember liking all the songs
    *Nina Hagen/Angstlos -- I thought this was too noisy for me. I did like Zarah (Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n) and Loreley
    *a collection of early-ish The Beatles songs (liked especially I Feel Fine and We Can Work It Out)
    *ABBA -- a double vinyl of singles ("The First Ten Years")
    *Eva Dahlgren - Tvillingsjäl. When I began to learn Swedish, I began to decipher the lyrics. To this day, Så lång tid remains as my favourite ED track (not to mention ones like Maktstatus, Nothing Left Unbound or Fotspår -- I haven't listened to them on last. …