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Jdvoid (which means John Dreams of the Void) is a project started about 3 years ago, focused on producing electronica without a specific sub-genre. The artist says
"I'd like to be able to identify the genre of music I make, but I really can't. I just like to experiment with sounds until I find the right sounds for a tune and then dream a melody, a beat, a bassline, a sound effect, etc. at the same time keeping in mind the emotions and thoughts connected through whichever thing, person, place, book, etc. which made me do the tune. So they are mirrors, my tunes, and I'll make sure these mirrors reflect the most interesting parts of what my brain and heart can think and feel."
The artist has also contributed to the project Iberik Ambassadors
Jdvoid has been making music with computers since he was 7. He made a version of Elvis Presley's "Love me Tender" on a 48k Timex. Years later, after studying classical guitar for about 5 years, and learning how to play keyboards at home, he had contact with sequencing on a computer with Scream Tracker, a PC version of his old Amiga. mod sequencer. Since then his life has taken a lot of turns, and he spent long periods of time away from computers (close to guitars and percussion). …Until about three years ago, when he got a laptop and the JdvOid project was born, giving him a "place" to finally try to express himself through sound.
"The main thing that ties this JdvOid thing together is the fact that all the music produced represents a specific moment, person, some happening or experience that I (we) have been (or am going) through at some point in my life."
Bach, Kraftwerk, Beethoven,
Death in Vegas, Mozart, Dead Crows,
Saint-Saens, Amon Tobin, Mussorgski,
Luke Vibert, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh,
The Doors, Pixies, The Orb,
Plastikman, Scarlatti, Ziggy Stardust,
Paco de Lucia, Chemical Brothers,
Rodrigo Leão, Claude Debussy, Chopin,
Future Sound of London, Beck,
Street Musicians, The Hacker, The Advent, Frequenzberater, Stomp, Aphex Twin,
Autechre, UNKLE, Radiohead,
MDK, Chicks On Speed, etc
Equipment / Software
Midi Controller / Cubase SX 3/ Live 5/ Nylon-String Guitar / Microphone/ Korg Kaoss
Pad II/ Numerous VSTs and VSTIs/ AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz

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