• Jay-Z: Kingdom Come aka YA BOY IS BACK!

    26 Nov 2006, 23:36 by SexyRevealed

    On What More Can I Say from his last CD, The Black Album, Jay-Z predicts, "We'll see what happens when I no longer exist..." 3 years later, you do see what happened. Look at the state of hip-hop. BS like Laffy Taffy and Lean Wit It dominate the airwaves (and I'm in PHILLY, not down South). Don't get me wrong. "Cute" hip-hop has it's place. It's fun to dance and party to. But this is ALL that is dropping. I'm telling you. I ALMOST GAVE UP ON HIP-HOP. So what did I do? I threw my ROC sign in the air, and just like that, HOV is BACK!

    People who are writing negative reviews, I have a question. What are you listening to? Did you listen to the album? Not just the beats (which are HOT btw), not just the flows, but the actual lyrics that are coming out of this man's mouth? There is so much more to it than talking about money. Yeah, he does talk about money. Shoot, if I was El Presidente/CEO of the bigget hip-hop label in the world and making moves like Jay I'd talk about it too. …
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