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Watch the Throne
Jay-Z & Kanye West

Otis (feat. Otis Redding) (2:58)


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  • People gotta stop acting like both of them didn't drop some of their best bars on this.
  • sooo goood
  • These two, I can't handle it. ♥
  • Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive
  • lol at comment below. look like it's u know nothing about music. it was just a sample. the reason why they called it "feat." cuz boys wanna feel cool that such a legendary musician featured with them. If Otis was alive, not sure that he wanted anything in common with hip-hop.
  • If your bitching about the sample then you know nothing about hip-hop music. Also the whole feature part was probably to avoid lawsuit but its not good enough for some numb skulls!
  • not bad, huh? for some immigrants - deep shit
  • i hate kanye but love his songs
  • There's a difference between being featured on song and being sampled for a song... [2]
  • There's a difference between being featured on song and being sampled for a song...
  • Masterpiece. The Otis Redding sample is brilliant.
  • Maña...nah!
  • just listen to otis if you have ears lol
  • in the begining i thought the same priedits but when i heard it i was so surprised...it's good actually.
  • hated it at first, love it now. [3]
  • GRAMMY !
  • All the music elitists dissing this because it samples Otis Redding should fuck off. It's not fair to hate a song JUST because it uses an artist you thought was "sacred". Honestly, if they didn't sample Otis, would you hate it so much?!
  • If Otis heard this piece of shit, he'd turn over in his grave
  • hated it at first, love it now. [2]
  • Only song on the album worth listening to
  • hated it at first, love it now.
  • someone should sample a Kanye song and put (feat. Kanye West) in the title
  • it's a grower [2] and it seems to be too short :P
  • such a terrible job sampling. jay-z is also incredibly weak on it. i had such high expectations for this album....
  • Taking it back to Otis and making it an even killer song. Go hard or go home to the many artist who tried to remix this. jay and Kanye killed it!
  • it's a grower
  • "feat. Otis Redding" lol whatever. sampled artists aren't featured artists
  • @Cristti I skip when that yelling starts.
  • the last 15 seconds ruin this song. how I hate that yelling...
  • "sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive" #killerline
  • Annoyed the album got pushed back a week, but a free download of this track makes up for it
  • Ye should be billed first
  • fucking great

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