24 Jun 2007, 18:09 by Addicted2Melody


    It would be so clichéd of me to start this entry by saying how Scooter divide opinion more than any other act in electronic music, but I will end up doing it anyway. They do divide opinion and do so on almost every music related issue. Scooter’s music, their rollercoaster careers, the band member changes, their marketing and their general decision making can all be interpreted in so many different ways. Being an act that has survived in name since 1993, you could debate about Scooter until you are blue in the face. And being as opinions and interpretations are so divided, so polarised, it is indeed easy to argue about them until you are blue in the face. Discussions about Scooter bring up so many interesting and important issues that are relevant to absolutely any band, whatever genre they are from. Marketing, fanaticism, emotional connection, creativity, originality, cashing in, selling out, following trends, talent, covering, sampling ... and the list goes on (if you’ll pardon the Scooter pun). …